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  1. I have received ESA in the Support Group for 2 years until this week I had a letter saying that follwing a WCA in May I would no longer be paid ESA. I immediately wrote a letter asking for my claim to be reconsidered as comments made from my assessment were not exactly accurate. I contacted the department and asked what was the next step. I was advised to claim either JSA or Universal Credit. I have spent many hours trying to do just that. All automated lines tell me to claim online, JSA results in a message that if I have had an ESA during the last calendar month to claim universal credit. Attempting this results in a message saying I do not qualify, could this be due to my age? I am 63 and the only question I answer no to online is am I between 18 and 60 years 6 months old? Whichever way I attempt to contact someone to actually speak to I get directed to online. I would be so grateful if anyone could tell me where I go from here.
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