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  1. Can't stand him. . . The Office was way over rated...



    Writers Guild of America2007 Best Comedy Series "The Office" (U.S.)Rose d'Or2006 Honorary Rose for Exceptional Contribution to the Global Entertainment Business Emmy Awards2007 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series "Extras"

    2006 Best Writing for a Comedy "Extras"

    2006 Emmy Outstanding Comedy Series "The Office" (U.S.)

    2005 Best Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special “Office Special” (UK) Golden Globe2008 Best Television Comedy or Musical (TV) Extras

    2004 Best Actor — Musical or Comedy (TV) The Office Peabody Awards2004 Peabody Award “The Office” (UK) BAFTA Awards2007 Best Comedy Performance

    2004 Best Comedy Performance

    2004 Best Situation Comedy “The Office” (UK)

    2003 Best Comedy Performance

    2003 Situation Comedy Award “The Office” (UK)

    2002 Best Comedy Performance

    2002 Situation Comedy Award “The Office” (UK) Royal Television Society2003 Best Comedy Performance for: "The Office" (UK) British Comedy Award2008 Best TV Comedy Actor

    2004 Writer of the Year Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant

    2002 Best Comedy Actor

    2002 Best Television Comedy “The Office” (UK)

    2001 Best New Television Comedy “The Office” (UK)

    Broadcasting Press Guild Awards2003 Writer's Award for: "The Office" (UK)

    2002 Writer's Award for: "The Office" (UK)

  2. I would certainly look at taking them to a small claims court. Im having to deal with them on behalf of my late mum because of a 'mistake' they made.

    Have you thought about contacting Watchdog, they love this sort of thing.

    Good luck with your fight. Please keep us informed.




    I'll keep you all informed, cheers for all the input

  3. Ah right, thanks for that. So we are talking in the thousands of pounds, plus interest.


    Have you the exact figure of what was taken so you can send them a recorded delivery letter with a demand for the full amount plus statutory interest at 8%pa ?


    When you have done that, let us know what they respond with.


    They took nearly £3000 and I have asked for it back, they offered me 6 x £27.99p


    I told the what to do with that

  4. Hi Hooded,


    Is there a reason why you haven't decided to take them to small claims court? I think thats what I would do. I would also send them a SAR request. Templates in the library, just amend.





    It's been a mad 9 years believe it or not, my wife was ill our son was knocked over by a drink driver and both my inlaws were taken ill. With the wife being ill and the monies coming from her account it just went unnoticed


    We cancelled the contract after they failed to turn up on time to install the Internet and even when they did it didn't work properly. We cancelled it by phone and also letter


    What amazes me is that even though we moved address in 6 years ago they still took the money even though that address was knocked down


    Their new Delhi department for customer services is something to behold, I asked for the CEOs name and number and this fella said he was the CEO of talk talk, they said there was no uk number when I got one from ofcom, they said there was no uk address when there is a talk talk office 3 miles from my house in west London


    I sent letters to all offices in the uk and hand delivered one to the west London office, I also have handed out 1000 leaflets to date outside there office in soho and in the west end


    I have also ordered a 10 x 8 banner with the words Talk Talk are thieves ......this I will take to all media events in London and also all my Liverpool away games to get it on the telly ( the joys of having a scooter and living in London )


    I've worked for the hillsborough justice campaign for 22 years and I'm used to fighting for what's right


    I gave talk talk the option to pay me and told them I would go away but they chose to ignore me


    I'll keep you all posted on how I get on and appreciate any other avenues I can go down or words from people who have had similar run ins with them


    Many thanks and have a good Christmas and new year

  5. Talk talk /aol


    We purchased aol in 2001, we wanted broadband for the kids


    They took 2 weeks over the installation date and a further 4 weeks before it actually worked, even then it was intermittent at best


    In 2002 we cancelled it and went with sky and eventually we had the whole package with them


    Not long after that my wife suffered a heart attack, the money for the account was taken from her account and until last week they took £27.99 a month for 9 years


    Various things, apart from my wife's illness , happened in the first few years which lead us to missing these payments being taken


    I won't bore you with the whole story but they have offered me 6 months compensation


    They passed me from pillar to post with their new Delhi customer service department and I got nowhere


    So I've taken them to task


    I've emailed all the shops and CEOs and began handing leaflets outside their shops in London


    I will continue to do this till they pay me back


    If you have similar problems, feel free to contact me

  6. Firstly, Hello and thanks in advance for any help i may get.


    7 Months ago i bought a




    PHILIPS HQ7340/17 Rotary Shaver


    Product code: 074409









    Currys, Unit 1A, Stadium Retail Park, Wembley Park Drive


    HA9 8TS


    it was a lovely day and i was on my motorbike so i went for a ride and got home around 9pm. When i opened the box it had a european plug attached and as i live in Wembley i couldnt use it...i went back the store and complained and they said sorry but wouldnt give me any reason why the item couldnt be used or why there was no clear indication on the advertising that you needed a secong european socket..


    i wrote to Currys and Emailed and also phoned but to no avail, so i got on with my life, untill that is today....i got back from a little trip away and realised i'd left my razor


    Off i went to Currys in Wembley and sure enough they had the razor, but it still didnt say anything about needing a extra plug.............SO


    ME: hello i'd like to buy this


    Currys: ok thats £79


    ME:does it come with a british plug?


    CURRYS: Yes


    ME: Could you open it up and check


    Currys: Erm , Erm, Yes why not




    CURRYS: oh, no sorry, its a european plug


    ME: what would have happened if i got home and couldnt use it?


    CURRYS: yes, thats bad


    ME: thats ok, ill take it if you give me a free european plug


    CURRYS: we cant do that


    ME: can you get your boss plese




    Scene 2 Act 2, the boss appears..............


    ME: Hello, this razor will not work in the UK with the socket attached


    CURRYS MANAGER : we can sell you a Socket.


    ME: I'm sure you can, but idont want a socket, i want a razor with a british socket attached to the end so i can get a shave.


    CURRYS MANAGER: then theres nothing we can do for you


    ME: Do you know that these are no good unless you live in Europe?


    CURRYS MANAGER: they are good if you buy a socket


    ME: Ill have it for free


    CURRYS MANAGER: well we are not going to do that and if theres nothing else i'm afraid i'm busy


    ME:-x: did you know its got a foreign plug on it?




    ME: it doesnt say on the box i need another socket


    CURRYS MANAGER: it also doesnt say you dont need one


    Touche Currys Nemesis ......Touche




    Act 3 Scene three, the meetings of the minds


    ME: are you really a manager




    ME: and you know it wont work in my house?


    CURRYS MANAGER: it will if you buy the socket


    ME: Were on the box does it say i need a socket


    CURRYS MANAGER: Touche Customer, Touche ( this didnt happen, it was in my mind)


    CURRYS MANAGER: it doesent


    ME: Thats clearly a misrepresentation




    ME: becuase A: i need a second plug to use the razor and B: it doesnt say so on the box


    CURRYS MANAGER: it could look like that



    ME: yes, yes it could


    CURRYS MANAGER: can i help you with anything else


    ME: yes, do you have the socket i need to use the razor that doesnt work unless i but it?




    ME: could i see it?


    Manager gets me the socket and i place it on top of the razor....


    CURRYS MANAGER: would you like to buy it?


    ME: No, i just wanted you to see how easy it was to put the second item next to the first item and with maybe a little note attached saying something like...........erm i dont know lets say............THIS ITEM WONT WORK WITHOUT THIS SECOND ITEM.


    CURRYS MANAGER: I can see how looks


    ME: really



    anyway i take her name and her boss's name and explain i was in the same shop six months ago and was sold a razor that didnt work unless i bought a second universal socket


    is it me people or are Currys breaking some law on false advertising


    Many thanks



    The Hooded Claw

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