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  1. Ok so Sky agreed to remove termination charges from my TV Service as i am moving home soon and the land lord will not have a dish on the side of the house but agreed for Virgin to be installed but today i thought id catch up on some programs ive missed in the week to find my TV services have been restricted to freeview and no catch up on demand termination date was agreed for the 3rd July 2013. I currently have the full lot, TV, Broadband, Movies, Line Rental costing me £60 a month I was disappointed really as they still want termination charges for the broadband and line rental but
  2. Hi Thanks for your post and thanks for the comment regarding my interview No it isnt the first time i have been on JSA for over 3 months now So it will be paid before Christmas ?
  3. ok so complaint to ebay it is
  4. Hi guys As most of you probs here i hate claiming benefits but i just need to know when will they pay the jsa in my bank over christmas as i need to sort my finances out i sign on friday 21st usual pay day is wednesday but that is boxing day Hoping i will be off jsa soon as i have a job interview after christmas with the police
  5. They would more than likely put charges on top of it What do i do send a complaint to ebay or phone transcom?
  6. well i paid ebay the £16.40 i owed them and now received another letter off transcom worldwide stating there client has instructed i paid the outstanding balance with them but now transcom want there £8.00 and mention they will instruct solicitors against it
  7. Do you think id have any luck going through to virgins leaving department and asking for a offers or a price decrease
  8. Hi I am not satisfied with Virgins price increases therefore i am looking at going elsewhere TalkTalk do a deal at the moment but not sure if its worth it can anyone tell me if its worth going over to them ? I did go to BT once but had a doing with them so i won't be going with them I did want to try sky but not sure what they like as i hear mixed reviews about them
  9. I aint paying that at the moment thats the price i will be paying in Feb at the moment its £63.90 a month for 60mb Broadband XL Tv TiVo Addiotonal Box M Phone Line
  10. Been a Virgin Customer since 2010 and must say the services are not the best i have internet issues which won't be fixed until 2013. But i get an email this morning stating that prices will increase by £4.09 per month which now totals my services to 67.90 a month. and they still think its a good deal. Internet is always slow i barley touch 60mb anymore, there's nothing but crap on TV all the time. Is there any better deals out there as £67.90 a month is a lot of money wouldn't mind but didn't they recently go up by £3.00 a month WHATS YOUR VIEWS ON THE PRICE INCREASES
  11. Hi sorry should of been more clear My ebay fees are £15.03 i get a letter stating my balance is £23.03 so Transcom have added an extra £8 to the debt for there own good. But i have just logged on the ebay website and it states that i can pay £15.03 today which i am willing to do but i won't be paying the extra £8
  12. Hi guys Ive had a letter this morning from Transcom Worldwide (UK) saying my debt is £23.03 this is for eBay fees which i was unaware about as my grandad passed away recently and forgot to pay the fee's was reminded this morning from this threatening letter saying i must pay £23.03 by 12th December otherwise it will be passed to to door to door debt collection or to their solicitors for further correspondence, i will pay the eBay fee's on Wednesday but i won't be putting a little extra into Transcom Worldwide i will pay it direct on my eBay account then tell them t
  13. So if im right i contact Orange and say i will only deal with Orange and set up a payment plan with them only.
  14. Nope i am not disputing i will pay the charge just in my own time not when they say, am i able to request the information they hold about me like telephone numbers, addresses because for all i know they might have my mothers details when i don't even live there and last thing they need is grief off these people also people keep saying oh now they confirm you live there they will come round to your house, i thought they only came round if you ignored there letters etc
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