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  1. FOR THE JOURNEY .... IF ONLY YOU KNEW I am due to various problems outstanding with LLoyds TSB now with their wholesale banking recoveries section awaiting a ruling by the ombudsman on my case for which I have over 8 outstanding problems with Lloyds ranging from non compliance for SAR to suitability of loan, lying about me not having PPI insurance and overdraft insurance (in writing via email) the list is endless. Never the less this is now with the ombudsman and whilst I hate Lloyds TSB they have now placed me in a very difficult positoin. I had asked for bank statements to be sent to me as they had not been supplying me with them and I needed to file my end of year accounts and I needed to see how much money they had been charging me whilst my case was being viewed by the ombudsman. I had asked them on 4 seperate occasions and even been into the bank to request these. The other day I got 4 envelopes of bank statements sent to me which detailed their internal accounts (a list of people and business who were obviously in debt to Lloyds) detailing payments they had made to their accounts over the september period. This was the same account they were asking me to pay money into when we had resolved our problems with the ombudsman. I informed Lloyds of their mistake, at first they denied it was a data protection issue as it was their account. I then phoned the information commisioner (not leaving any details) to ask if they would consider this a breach of the data protection act, which they did and were extemely worried about they way in which Lloyds had dealt with the issue. Lloyds TSb I think were hoping I did not know what I have got and I am fully aware of what I now have in my possision and what I could do with it. Some of you may wonder why I have not given all the details to the information commissioner and seen them levied with a huge fine or gone to the press or contacted all those on the list, well the reason is this is the same department dealing with my debt. My concern is I have obviously ****ed them off. I have been asked to attend a meeting in my local branch with them and I am concerned this is all going to be about them and not me and my debt. Obviously the problems I have with Lloyds are prevelent but I feel that the way they treat their customers is outragous and should not be allowed. I would like to get the best possible outcome for my debt and wondering what advice anyone could give me in regards to sorting out my situation with Lloyds tsb. Any thoughts on a rather unusual situation would be greatly received.
  2. I have made the claim for PPI and I am still awaiting their response they apparently have 16 weeks in which to agree or disagree. Thanks for the link I will check this out. The Subject access request was as they kept sending me paperwork I could see that pages were missing and there were a lot of mistakes that had been made that is how I found out about PPI and the overdraft insurance they had taken out so I wanted full access of my records so I could look into my account to see if they had done anything else I was unaware of. I have received no information from them so far and they have now said they don't have to do this for business but they have still taken the money.
  3. I have made the claim for PPI and I am still awaiting their response they apparently have 16 weeks in which to agree or disagree. Thanks for the link I will check this out. The Subject access request was as they kept sending me paperwork I could see that pages were missing and there were a lot of mistakes that had been made that is how I found out about PPI and the overdraft insurance they had taken out so I wanted full access of my records so I could look into my account to see if they had done anything else I was unaware of. I have received no information from them so far and they have now said they don't have to do this for business but they have still taken the money.
  4. Hi Thanks for taking the time to look at this I am hoping this is the correct posting place. Ok to cut a long story short I went to lloyds bank back in 2010 I went to Lloyds TSB to discuss two problems - recently they had reduced my overdraft facility from 19k to 15k and were refusing to increase this this was causing me cash flow problems which were very temporary but were getting quite serious. I went to see my busines advisor asking if there was anyway we could restructure the borrowing until 6 months time when I was going to be coming into money so I could pay off the second loan. After that my business would see quite large profits coming in for the first time since having all the loans. The bank said that they would find a way of helping me through but I had to write a business plan etc to send through to them. I submitted all the information that they asked for and was told a month later that they would not support me and wanted the money for a missed payment and was asking when I could pay off the second loan. I was 7 months pregnant at the time so could not go and get a job to find that kind of money and told them that I would pay off the second loan as soon as the money came to me which I was saying would be a few more months (this was from the sale of my parents house). In the meantime Lloyds were charging me large fees to go over my overdraft agreement so any money that was coming in was going straight out in charges. I was sinking further and further into debt for the sake of only borrowing £1000 to keep my head above water. Problems with loan When I took out the loan in 2006 I had orignally asked to borrow 30K and we got 37K. We asked what this was for when it was received and they said it was for the insurance that we had to have in order to get the loan. This put the loan repayments out side of what we had calculated as it added another 20% onto the cost of the loan and in actual fact made this unaffordable to the point we had to take a payment holiday with our governement backed loan 50k to see us through. We have always just about managed to repay both loans up until this time but it was luck that we secured a large contract which we did not have at the time that the second loan was given to us or we would have sunk. I had questioned in the meeting with the bank manager why this had been added and asked if it was PPI. I was told that PPI was not sold to businesses so I asked for all the paperwork in regards to this second loan. I also asked the bank to prove the affordability as I felt the bank had lent badly in this case and were only interested in the guarantee. The Guarantee The bank made us take out a 40K guarantee with them as this covered the mis selling of PPI. I would question as to whether this was legal. When I asked about this the banks response was to say that as we signed to it we agreed to it and they didn't know as to why they asked for 40K. I would argue that this was because they made us believe that we had to have the insurance and therefore we felt that we had no option if we were to get the money we had to do this but due to their mis-selling we have taken out guarantee we could not have got proper legal advice on as it covered their bad practice. Filing of Complaints with FOS I have filed complaints in all these areas with the FOS and Lloyds are now outside their time to respond with the full copies of the loan agreements, my guarantee of which I was never sent any of the paperwork, I have finally found out myself who the PPI was taken out with and have also found out that they added overdraft insurance without my knowledge as well. I was also told by my account manager that I could request Subject Data Access request but I would be charged for this. I had the £10 taken from my account which caused me to go over my overdraft without ringing me as I had requested to pay for this personally. I asked for all the data they held on the business so I could see if any other mistakes had been made and if it would bring me more paperwork I was unaware of including charges they had placed unfairly on the account due to their mis-selling. A few months later when I still had not received this request I questioned them on it and they said that they did not hold any such information. Forced to stop trading The information I have received from Lloyds is not whole and they deliberatly did not send the overdraft insurance which they added which I got through from the insurance company as it was a whole set of three documents which ran conclusively and they only sent me the first two pages. Due to this lack of information and the timescale it has so far been nearly 9 months since this started I have had to stop trading due to not being seen as trading insolvent. This has cost me the major contract which gave me 90% of my income and in effect they have ruined my business and are now talking about using my guarantees to make a claim against me. I don't have any money and a new born baby and to top it all off my husbands job which is now our only form of income relies on him not having a bad credit rating so I cant just go bankcrupt. I have not given Lloyds the money 25K for the second loan as it is my only bargaining tool I have and there is no guarantee they will not use the second guarantee to claim on the first loan which will make me bankcrupt anyway so the money is still with my parents where they can't get their hand on it. Any advice would be greatly received as I have to go to the FOS this week with my case. I am more than happy to go to court against Lloyds as I think it is outragious they could treat a pregnant women with treats of going to the debt department when they knew full well there was nothing I could do to raise the money and then refusing when I told them to, and I also feel I have nothing to loose. If it was not for them I would still be trading and profitably by now. thanks for taking the time to read this. Henny
  5. My husband and I started a business in 2005 we took out a Government backed Loan with Lloyds TSB in 2005 for 50500 the following year I took out a second loan secured personally by me and my husband for 30,000 which they added nearly 7k of PPI. (I have put in a claim for this already and am awaiting confirmation). My husband resigned as a director as the business was struggling after 2 years to find another job so we were not both relying on the same income whilst I dealt with the business and the loan repayments. I was 7.5 months pregnant and went to the bank to say I was struggling with making the loan repayments and would do for at least 3 months. I was about to come into some money which would allow me to pay off the second loan. I asked the bank to see me through to this period. I was told that they would and I would just need to provide them with some information and a plan of how I was going to get myself back up and running again. I did this and they then came back to me and said they could no longer support me. I went to the bank again and said that if they didn't help me through until I received this money I would have to fold my business. The bank have essentially asked that I pay the 23k off immediatly (2nd loan secured personally). I have said I would do this as soon as I could but could not afford to at the moment and before I did I would require more information in regards to these loans I took out. The bank have now taken 2 months to provide me with only half of the paperwork I asked for. They have said they no longer do Governement backed loan and therefore have no information on it. In regards to the second loan we had written to our manager at the time as there had been 7k added to the loan (mis-sold PPI) which we had not been aware of. We were told at the time this was a condition of the loan, we have since been informed by the FO that this is not the case. We also believe that this loan should have never been given to us. We had only been trading for one year and were already struggling to pay debts hence the reason we asked for the loan but the bank never offered us any other means except a loan to be able to trade our way out. We have always struggled to pay this loan and in many cases had to borrow money or use inhertiance to pay it. We now have nothing left. After the 3rd year we took a loan repayment holiday for 2 years. I have asked the bank to provide me with a suitablility report and they have come back and said ' The suitability reports you refer to would be what we might call "a lending application" and Under the DPA we are usually able to provide these at a fee of £10 as you mention. Stuart has however been informed that this covers only sole traders and partnership companies and is therefore waiting for further advise on this.' Is this correct? If I were to pay back this loan then I have asked them to release me from my Personal Guarantee but they said that they will not do this as they can use this then to reclaim for the 1st Loan the Goverment backed on. It is therefore not in my interest to take the money from my parents to pay off any of the loans as they are still going to come after me. The personal Guarantee was also for 40k which is over what we took the loan out for we asked for 30k got 37k and they secured the loan for 40k can this be legal? In the meantime I have been told by my accountant I have to stop trading as I do not want to be seen as trading insolvent. I have therefore whilst I wait for them to provide me with paperwork so I can make an informed decsion on what I wish to do lost a large contract with a company which is essentially my cash cow and have no means in which to pay the ever mounting bills by them. I am now 9 months pregnant and I have still not got any answers from the bank in regards to this matter and I am finding it extremely worrying. Without the contract I had I am not sure if I will continue to be able to trade to make the 1st loan repayments whereas if they had supported me in the first place I would have paid off the second loan and most of the overdraft and be making money for the first time since I had started this. Essentially I am not trying to get out of paying the loans but they have now cost me my business and are still asking for their money. Can this be legal? Any help would be greatly apprecaited as I am desperate and about to have a baby and I am not sure I can cope with the stress but I can't believe the bank can treat someone like this.
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