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  1. Hi just sent my own letter through a template on here, received default charges back last year. Not gone down fos route yet was waiting to sort it out direct but they are taking to long now!
  2. Hi had a barclay card through littlewoods personal finance many years ago and was mis sold ppi sent letter to reclaim last June and still waiting for a response. Rang a couple of months ago and was informed that my claim was in a queue that would have never have got worked due to an error by a member of staff, and I am still waiting rang last week and still no news. Is there anything else I can do?? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Hi can someone please advise me on how far back you can reclaim default charges, Capital one have informed me I'm out of time for majority of charges because they are prior to years under the limitations act 1980? Thanks Emma
  4. Done that and it calculates to £1383.16, gosh that seems alot? £612 charges and £771.16 interest
  5. Hi will do thanks do I use the 4.516 monthly rate or the apr of 69.9% that you said?
  6. How would I calculate how much interest I've paid on £612 at their rate of interest, sorry to be a pain not to good at these things!
  7. Just checked my statement and mt purchase interest rate is 4.516%?
  8. Hi all been in contact with vanquis about default charges, was a bit easy really they have agreed a sum and sent me copies of dates the charges were applied without a sar, only thing is they have offered a refund with interest applied at the montly rate of 4.516% does this seem rate I'm sure their interest rates are higher than this?
  9. Hi all sent for sar request on 24th July saying I wasnt happy with the fiqures they were offering me, just received a letter saying they have sent their final response and will not engage in any further correspondence with me and any future correspondence will be filed, should I accept their offer now I'm confused!!
  10. Sar sent today just hoping for some luck in sorting this out now!
  11. Hi this is for a credit card which was opened in 2004 and I now have an arrangement to pay as it quickly went out of control with high interest, default charges which I have also asked about reclaiming. I do not have my statements and these are the figures they have sent me under a final response letter, think I will sar them tomorrow thanks
  12. Hi been in contact with Monument over mis-sold ppi had the reply that they do not and never have sold ppi, so what had I been paying? First contacted them in 2008 when they completely refused to refund just cancelled the policy, tried again last month after reading posts on here and they've agreed to pay £837 wrote back again asking for interest they have offerred me an additional £294. Been reading posts elsewhere and people have been claming over £2000 for contractual compound interest so what should I do now any ideas??
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