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  1. I'm in the process of writing to the Marston Group re. charges. I'll keep you posted. I have been told by the Financial Ombudsman the it's my local council that regulate these bailifs so I will send a copy of my letter to them. Thanks for replies x
  2. I wouldn't know where to start with regards to complaining and I have no idea whether these amounts of charges are allowed or not. I have made various phonecalls to numbers given to me by the CAB but have been told that I am not entitled to free legal advice.
  3. Any advice would be appreciated. Myself and my partner are both self employed and struggle to make ends meet. We have two small children and a whole load of bills to pay! Something like this will seriously affect us financially. It will mean that we will fall behind with other payments and bills. I don't dispute that we owe the fine, but these other charges just seem so unfair. Why are these people allowed to do this? Its wrong!
  4. I did not see a warrant of execution and no proof of bailiffs certification.
  5. When I opened the door on the morning they had my car on the truck they handed me a Notice of Seizure of Goods and Inventory (I think they were going to post it through the door). This was the first I knew about them taking my car and they wrote on it that the vehicle had been impounded...they were about to take and had already written that. Previous to this the bailiff had visited twice. On the first occasion the amount owing was 399.06. On the second occasion the amount had gone up to 474.28 and he gave a final notice. The charges of the final amount are listed as: Penalty Char
  6. I had bailiffs (Marston Group) visiting for a congestion charge fine. They visited twice. The actual fine was £185 which I do not dispute but failed to pay as I just didn't have the money. On the 2nd visit they warned that they would be back to take goods...still there was nothing I could do. Then yesterday morning I woke up at 6.30am to the sound of a large vehicle outside. I looked out of the window and they had my car on the back of a truck! I ran downstairs and spoke to them and they said I had to pay £775.73 or they would take it. I had no choice. I can't be without a car. I ph
  7. Thanks for reply. I've claimed back bank and credit card charges but never mortgage charges. I'm a bit worried about rocking the boat with my mortgage company though as I don't want to lose my home! Good luck!
  8. We have a mortgage with Mortgages Plc and have struggled to keep up our payments through the last couple of years but have just about managed. Repossesion Procedings have begun twice in the past and on both occasions a hearing date was set and then we were told it had been adjurned as we managed to make a payment. However I have just looked at my statements and noticed that we have been charged 117.50 'councellors charge' on 2 separate occasions (we have never seen a councellor) also £56.40 'agents costs' on 2 occasions (I have no idea what this is) also £100 for 'solicitors instructi
  9. My partner has a small business and he has been struggling to make ends meet in the last few months. He got behind with his business rates and...although we made efforts to pay the council, we ended up with a summons and today the bailiffs called. We owe the council £1103.27, but with the bailiffs fees the amount comes to 1424.32. My partner works in a joinery workshop and it would be impossible to ignore bailiffs at the door (the door is always open and they can walk straight in. In the end they said he would have to pay a minimum of £400 then and there, or they would take away his machines (
  10. Has anyone got any advice about what I could do at this stage?
  11. Hi, received my money into my account and have written to court. Celicaman - to answer your questions...I used the 8% and my claim went back to 2004 (when the account opened). They haven't closed my account and it doesn't look like they're going to. Good luck with your claims. Hope you get back all YOUR money
  12. Guess what... Just received an offer for the full amout + interest + charges. Have accepted. Thankyou for all your help. Would never have had the confidence to do it without this site. Donation on the way! Nicki
  13. If anyone out there is going through or has experienced a similar thing I'd appreciate some advice. All this legal stuff goes way over my head and I'm a bit nervous about it to be perfectly honest! Worried about making an absolute **** of myself! I have read GaryH's thread about court cases but would appreciate confirmation on what I need for an allocation hearing - bearing in mind I haven't completed an AQ. Thanks!
  14. Just phoned Hitchin CC and asked someone about the telephone thing. Was told that I do not need to attend my allocation hearing and that the judge will ring me instead - and the hearing will take place over the telephone with a representative from HSBC. I'll keep you posted Nicki
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