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  1. Hello Here's the story so far... I had 3 accounts with halifax, one main one where mine and my partners wages went and 2 others which were used by myself for purchasing items, playing bingo etc. Last month i tried to log onto internet banking to be greeted with a screen that said the service was down, i automatically assumed it was maintenence when i couldn't get on 3 days later i called the bank to be told to go in with some ID to make sure i was the person who's name the accounts were in, they mentioned something about fraud but said everything would be fine if i took in ID, so the next day i went in with loads of ID to which i was told that there had been some kind of fraud on my account but wouldn't tell me what exactly and that all my accounts should be closed, so i had to sign letters of approval and get all my money out of the accounts. This totally ruined the whole months, knacked all my dd's up and people never got paid. i phoned the fraud squad from halifax as i was fuming at the way i had been treated over it all (it's not like im a current account holder, i have 3 x easycash cards = basic accounts) they said that whatever it was they couldn't disclose but it wasn't enough to close all my accounts, so they were reinstated and new cards and numbers were sent out to me, i got to work this morning to try and get some wages out that would have gone in last night only to find my main account card doesn't work, i aome straight home to log onto online banking to see what the problem is and they have closed my main account....i have no idea where my wages are and again i cant pay anyone. I have phoned the bank who have argued that i signed papers to say that the accounts were closing, i have argued that the fraud squad reinstated them but no one seems to know what anyone has done...and now im stuck with no money and lots of bills. Any help would be appreciated.
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