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  1. I'm still fighting with Cash Genie/Carter Forbes. My original loan was for £200, and I paid back over £300 in roll over fees. I've paid £80 to Carter Forbes, but they still say I owe £556! I just can't work it out. Any advice? I am happy to pay them another £180 which would be the loan plus 1 months interest, less what I've paid. They seem to be very vague when I'm asking for the balance they took over from CG and what charges they have added.
  2. Thanks. I don't think they have ever rung me - well if they have they haven't left a message.
  3. I've had another email from them this morning saying I've ignored them, which is obviously untrue. Should I just ignore them from now on then?
  4. Anyone else had dealings with these lot? I've just had a debt taken over by them, which I acknowledge is mine, and I've emailed twice and sent a recorded delivery letter which they are not acknowledged. I've just come home to another letter saying I've ignored their efforts to get in contact and they are sending a door stop collector now In my letters I sent an offer of payment but they are obviously just going to ignore me. I am certainly not going to ring them - but don't know what to do next.
  5. They have left me alone now, not heard anything for ages.
  6. I have offered a certain amount for a repayment plan, but they say they can only accept double that a month. Unfortunately I just cannot afford it, should I just stick to my guns?
  7. THey have also rung me 10 times this morning, despite me being in email conversation with them! What would you write in the letter? Would I be best to not deal with them?
  8. Apparently they can freeze interest etc as soon as I give them my debit card details, but if I pay by standing order won't do that until they have the first payment?!
  9. Thanks renegadeimp - do you know where the legislation is stating this? I don't like the tone in their emails either.
  10. Carter Forbes have just told me they will not allow me to pay by standing order (for a Cash Genie loan) and they will only freeze interest etc if I give them my debit card details. Surely this isn't correct? Shouldn't interest be frozen anyway if the account has been passed over to a DCA?
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