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  1. Hi Panic57 There is no updates, I changed my contact number, and I dont live in my old address anymore, i moved to a different city. So, so far nothing from them. But, I heard that they spoke to my old office again. But even my old office doesn't have my current forwarding address.
  2. I am worried, if I ignore them, they might call my parents and friends. which will not only embarrass me, but will put them in a delicate situation. Credit Corp has already called my old company where, they still have my name and number listed in their website. Since all the correspondence is thru email and my mobile phone, I think, i am going to keep on asking them for the original charges incurred details, till they give me thru reply to their email. Is it advisable?
  3. HI Friends, When they called me last time, I had asked them to send me the details for the charges incurred and not to call me and disturb without that, Today, I have received a mail with my original contract from GE finance, which doesn't even bear my signature. Today, I again received a call. I told them i am not available today, but the lady insists that she will call me tomorrow same time in the same number. What do I do?
  4. Thank You for your immediate response, I will try to ignore them.
  5. I have few queries 1. They have my address in India, what are they bound to do with that ? 2. Since the INR is cheaper than AUD will they be inclined to pursue legal avenues in India? 3. Will Credit Corp sell the debt to an agency in India? (They already threaten, that, they will pass on the debt to the local agents in India.) 4. They are calling my previous work place, and my friends there, how to make it go away? Seniors Please help.
  6. Credit Corp Services Pty Limited GPO Box 4475 Sydney 2001 E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Website: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Toll Free: Credit Corp Services Pty Limited ABN: 95 082 928 872 Australian credit licence number: 386908 21 June 2011 Account Details: GE FINANCE AUSTRALASIA LTD - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Reference Number: DT xxxxxxx Balance Outstanding: $xxxxxx Notice of Intention to Commence Legal Proceedings Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We have previously written to you and called all of your available telephone numbers, with a view to reaching agreement for you to pay your account with Credit Corp Services Pty Ltd. We have not reached such an agreement and have not received any significant payment from you to reduce your debt to us. You are in serious default of the terms of your credit contract which governs this account. We now provide you this last opportunity to make full payment of the sum of $xxxxxx within thirty (30) days of receipt of this letter failing which we may commence legal proceedings against you without any further notice. Your payment may be made by using one of the options listed overleaf in the section titled “How To Pay”. Should you be unable to make the full payment or if you have any queries in relation to your account you must contact the writer immediately quoting reference DT xxxxxxxx. Yours faithfully xxxxxxxxx Customer Relationship Manager 02 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We pride ourselves on conducting business in a professional and ethical manner. To help us meet that goal, your call may be recorded and retained for record keeping purposes. Information collected is used in accordance with our privacy policy. If you are not happy with any aspect of our service, please contact our Customer Care Team directly on 1300 768 621 to raise your concerns. If you are not satisfied with our response, we are a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service which provides our customers with an accessible, fair and independent dispute resolution service. For further details please refer to our website xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. I have received a letter thru email from credit corp thru email stating their intention to initiate legal proceedings. the credit card debit incurred in australia during 2008 as they claim is for $4868 on a $4000 limit card and since then the interest has made the current debit to $7500. I am back in india since 2008 and don't intend to go back to australia, I cannot afford such debit with my current earnings. I have requested them to give the details of the debit incurred via return of email. They also have my mobile number and my previous workplace number in india, how should i proceed from here.? I am in need of some advice immediately as these calls give me sleepless nights and constant fear. Please help. PS . I can attach the copy of their letter with intention to start legal proceeding against me. since I am not sure if it is adviceable I will wait for the administrators/senior members to guide me.
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