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  1. Thanks to all who have already replied, I am very grateful. The link to zoopla was perfect - found out it sold for £60,000 in 1998, I owed the bank £55,000 so I probably would have received nothing after fees etc. Thanks again
  2. My flat was repossessed by what was TSB Bank back in 1998. To this day I have never received any notification that my flat was sold or how much it was sold for. I have moved several times since then, but have always had mail redirected and have never received any communication from the bank regarding this. I did also have a loan with the bank, and whilst that also went into default, I am still paying for that, albeit via a debt collector. My questions really are: If they sold my flat for more than I owed them, should they have paid me what was left over? If there was a shortfall is
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