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  1. Thanks for the advice Slick132 - I am very glad I found this forum!! In the end I asked the bank to refund and they are going to pursue this with DL. I am happy to pay them what I owe but like you say, they needed to keep up the correct payment amount at the correct time. I will send a letter to the HO to see where that gets me. Back in March I would have like to have stayed being a member as me and my kids really enjoy the facilities, but I think after this I don't want to give this company any more money. From reading this forum they are just a corporate that has no consideration for the mental well being of it's members and the situations people find themselves in when they can no longer use their membership for various reasons, so I am going to do my best to cancel. I work for a membership organisation who are the opposite, as we try to recognise that membership is the life blood of our organisation and there is not an infinite pot of people who are willing to join. Hopefully one day DL will recognise that fact to and start treating people with the respect they deserve. Sorry, ranting now a bit! I will keep the forum updated in case it can help anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position. Thank you for helping me get this into clear thoughts.
  2. Hi I don't know if anyone can offer any advice on where I stand with David Lloyd and their membership, as I am confused and probably a little to cross about them to think clearly. I was a member for 2 years, the first year I paid annually and the second I paid by DD. My DDs were taken from Jan 10 to Feb 11 at around £64 a month. Then in March they claimed £286. I immediately called the club and asked what this was for as I had received no notification that this amount was to be taken. They said they would look into it. After weeks of chasing with no explanation I was left with the message they would contact me when they knew what the problem was. I cancelled my DD as I was concerned (as I had no guarantee of the contrary from the club) that this was the amount that would come out monthly. I go so sick of constantly calling the club, I foolishly stopped calling. Now, four months later the letters have started coming saying my debt will be referred to their debt collecting agency. I decided to reclaim the DD money through my bank as David Lloyd had broken the DD guarantee and took up the baton of calling again. I finally got through to Head Office who informed me my membership was cancelled through non payment. Then after 4 days of trying I got through to my gym. It turns out that when my sons membership, which was attached to mine was due for renewal, the whole amount had come out instead of being a DD like my own membership. The gym has admitted this was a cock up on their part and should have never happened. Now they are saying I need to pay for the 4 months it took them to look into this and then if I want to cancel I will need to pay the 3 months cancelation charge (even though according to their head office I am not a member). My Husband thinks that they have breached their contract with me by taking out incorrect payments from the bank so is adamant not to pay them any more, but I don't want to find myself in the situation of being chased for payments. I can't believe a company that has such bad customer service is still around. Does anyone have any advice? Have they breached their contract with me by taking out the annual payment when I had agreed to pay monthly?
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