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  1. update: I've given hbos further 2 weeks (final notice) and still no reply yet. I only got unexpected call from her manager arguing that I can't claim more than 6 years refund bla bla...my only response was to demand written reply. re six years limit: firstly, I think the fact they transferred debt to DCA and are still chasing me for full balance it means I can reclaim everything they owe since account was opened. secondly, I only found out details of all excessive bank charges after they responded to my SAR, previously letter of appropriation and letter requesting freezing of interest and accept offer of a taken were ignored by hbos. Guys, what do you think please? I want to start now to prepare for statement of claim.
  2. Hello guys, To raise small claims action against HBOS who knows the exact address to use, I wrote to office in Leeds? I got a reply from their office in Cardiff. I just want to be very sure??
  3. update guys, I sent letter to HBOS seeking refunds of charges, instead of replying they sent email requesting telephone discussion regarding said letter. Has anyone experience this and generally what do you reckon guys? I saw missed call and I'm yet to call back.
  4. Hi DX I'm unsure if APR applies on this, OC was charging Ovd fees not interest like Credit Card. What I'm think is to include 8% interest on reclaim total for refund I'm seeking? APR applies to Credit Card and some other charges I think ....Please clarify if you think otherwise.
  5. xcel sheet attached charges by hbos.xlsx
  6. Hi Andy I think It's connected, same bank account DCA is suing for, have so many excessive charges, I saw that after a received all my statements following SAR.
  7. Hi Andy I think It's connected, same bank account DCA is suing for, have so many excessive charges, I saw that after a received all my statements following SAR.
  8. Hi dx thanks but it does seems this reclaim letter applies to Ovd charges (mine is daily ovd charges/fees for planned and unplanned, some for about 6 months of charges are interest debited because it's high interest reward current acc. said template seems to be for Credit card late fees and over limit charges.. right? maybe BCOBS suits my case better?
  9. spreadsheet done charges (ovd and interest) on 2 account from 2009 to 2013 almost 4k very high, please send me link for cover letter, etc.. Is there any regulation I can cite to stop refund being sent to Lowell?
  10. thanks, is there cover letter template on here for charges reclaim?
  11. Papers from SAR shows shockingly very high charges from 2009 to 2013 within period I lost my job and was struggling financially, can I seek refund from OC? Just after calling OC and asking for complaint procedure and address, I received letter stating small % of charges will be refunded but paid directly to Lowell? What's your opinion guys?
  12. will the fact they issued court claim before it falls off file count? the other thing is acc was opened and operated in Scotland before I moved to England about 3 yrs, will case be viewed under Scottish or English law??
  13. 18th Nov 12... but dec 2012 there and subsequent months there are OD charges by OC
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