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  1. it was Advantis but now passed on to ORBiT I owe and willing to set up payment plan they said no go to DCA I dispute the bill because it's based on accurate reading and it's very high.
  2. ORBiT is debt agent used by United Utilities orbitservices.co.uk I'm most concerned about the impact on my Credit Score. Is it a good idea to deal with DCA instead of original creditor?
  3. that's the point bill is too high, they said it's correct that I may have a leak which its LL to fix not them.
  4. It says our client United utils. last letter dated 7/dec/21 said if no response they return debt to UU, but Advantis still send me emails till date And they are still your provider? yes tell us more about the debt: behind due to lack of job covid 19 as self employed....covers march 2020 to October 2021...now £2,544 and were you ever sent bills at the time? yes but not all bills. Or is this for added sums as you might not have 'then' paid enough? yes, it seems estimated bils, I don't know where meter is located. UU register default on 14/08/21 but default notice warning letter was dated sept 2021, they messed up my credit file by regular update of said amount owning.
  5. UU registered default and passed on debt to Advantis. I offered to start paying what I could afford they said no it's has to be £150 min per month. Later they said speak to DCA they may accept lower repayment offer. If I start to deal with DCA what about future or ongoing bills? Please guys help with advise. Thanks
  6. Body work isn't too bad and mileage was 128,000 miles and I thought it's okay for diesel car of that age, and it's a 7 seater which I desperately needed. On gumtree the seller has a bit of history in selling cars. I might contact Gumtree but I'm unsure if they can give me more details about this trader given that dvla refused to provide further details but only said car was transferred to a trader, and then dvla guy said I can fill and submit particular form (V88 I think) if need further details. I checked mot history of car and all seems ok no note of previous engine fault, and on physical inspection no oil leak, etc. When I'm buying used am more particular about engine problem as i don't mind fixing other stuff. WhatsApp message from trader to me: "SK14 1QQ Burkitt Street Hyde pls let me know what time you'll be coming" I just got this address from Bowden Cars website: John Street, Hyde SK14 2HB So it's different, I sincerely thought said trader was a small scale car dealer who uses gumtree to sale cars, I didn't know he was dodgy. On the slip he filled in Bowden Cars Ltd but, on Bowden's website the seems to be alot of cars on display
  7. 26 Dec 2019 bought 2005 toyota corolla verso for £1600 from trader on gumtree. Two days after car broke down, smokes coming out exhaust, Oil change & EML came on. Since then I've had 6 breakdowns and AA reports said DPF, EGR Valve problems. Car can't go into regeneration. Rang trader on mobile posted on ad Gumtree (Bowden Cars Ltd based in Dukinfield) but no response, google bowden cars found the website and rang landline they said it wasn't them that someone must have used their business name without permission, I rang them back after couple of days saying I raise a court claim against them they then said it seems I dealt with a guy from Bangladesh who they have had complain in the past that he uses their company name to sell cars, I asked why is the guy not answering they said that the guy traveled to Bangladesh, They refused to provide further details of where he lives, etc I have spent over £350 on diagnostics from Toyota dealer, full service, fixing brakes, wheel alignment, but the car is still misfiring, sluggish to drive and too much smokes still coming out of exhaust. I saved screenshot of ad on gumtree where on trader described car as excellent condition. We exchange text msg via whatsapp so that's saved. However it is strange that when I test drive said car no smoke from exhaust, except scratches and dents due to age and spongy brakes and loose handbrakes which I don't mind fixing. I have receipt and small green slip (new keeper's), and transfer to trader was done online via dvla and I have got V5C. I don't know if I can raise a claim against company name, as I don't know the guys name and transaction wasn't done in a garage. He said he buys and sell cars via gumtree. Any help will be appreciated please.
  8. letting agency said obviously, for credit score, etc checks, right to rent check, previous proof of rent payment, etc
  9. Hi All I'd appreciate any advice on this please. I collected keys for rented house on 15 Nov 2019 and moved in on 18 Nov 2019. However the landlord accepted my application for rent on 8/11/19 but I had to wait for checks by tenant Data UK which was completed on 15/11/2019. The problem is that the housing agent told Council I started renting house on 8th Nov 2019 and Council issued me CT bill starting from 8th Nov 2019. I contacted Council to amend bill but they said no that if I don't pay I'll receive a summon soon. I pay rent every 15th monthly. Please guys is Council Tax Bill calculated from the date one moved into the property or not? Or at least from when tenant collected the keys?? Thank you.
  10. Great Site this is, I have received lots of help since joining this forum and I believe many others must have benefited in one way or the other. I shall make contribution by end of this month when I get my salary. Keep up the good work guys. High Regards, from Rennai
  11. Update guys: Judge said Lowell won, that I've 14 days to pay Lowell. Judge said: It's not SB due to 3 pounds payment on 23/02/13, Lowell changed solicitor....not the paralegal that wrote WS. Lowell solicitor said if I insist on 5 yrs Scottish law on SB then I should've written to the court that they lack jurisdiction to hear the case, the judge agreed with her, saying that if she should go ahead to judge the case it'd be based on English law which specify 6 yrs. There and then I wasn't sure what my rights are on this point of jurisdiction?? The fact Lowell didn't: ---comply CPR and didn't provide any copy of the agreement they said I breached were all ignored by the Judge, Lowell ---Lowell were allowed to amend the amount they are claiming for at the hearing, and Judge accepted, she didn't ask why Lowell didn't made application to amend POC after some refund by HBOS for wrongly applied charges. Lowell raised action that I breached an agreement they don't know or they haven't seen or retained any copy, they couldn't say how much was the required payment monthly that I failed to make. Lowell solicitor said they are only required to comply with court direction for WS, etc, I said to the best of my knowledge that that should apply after the case was allocated because I made formal demand immediately I received issued claim from court. They raised matter on 14/09/18, I received court papers 18/09/18 I wrote Lowell CPR, etc the next day being 19/09/18 but they didn't reply until about 9 months. From SAR I noticed Lowell bought this debt 0.08, and now they are authorized for full payment of balance of an account that is dispute and the matter is still pending with FOS. All said, I thank everyone for advise I was given it was great tips but Judge didn't see good of any points I raised.
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