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  1. Thanks lefty is there a particular person or should i just address it to Customer Services Regards Chris
  2. HI Thanks for your Reply Lefty i certainly agree bayv have had time enough to sort this mess out i have been patient long enough.and so it is time to crank up the pressure on bayv i will start by writing to bayv i will send it by registered post ,so they can't say it never arrived.I'm going to contact the professional standards department at cleveland police and inform the officer who is dealing with my complaint that as bayv see it ,its the police's fault they {bayv} entered my home. One thing i will say is the police have been forthright admitting their officers got it wrong.As for CAG what i think the problem bayv has is they dont like it when someone stands up for the little guy.Would you have the right address for bayv so my letter gets to the right people. I can again only thank you for the advice and time you have put in in helping me it is greatly appreciated. Regards Chris
  3. Quick Update Bayv manager visited me this morning and offered my goods back ON THE SAME TERMS AS BEFORE PLUS £100 comp. i quickly said no and i wanted nothing more to do nwith Bayv he then offered me the dining table back as compensation i told him i would be taking advice { i have no intention of accepting and would rather go to court} he said dont take too much notice of CAG as they are Biased AT THIS POINT I NEARLY FELL OVER LAUGHING AND THEY BLAMED THE POLICE FOR LETTING THEM INTO MY HOME.Also the rep is no longer working for them { as if that makes a difference to me } Regards Chris
  4. ***************************** UPDATE *********************** hi all, sorry there hasent been any updates from myself, yesterday was the first time bayv contacted me in the last 3-4 weeks, anyway i had a meeting last week with the police, although the report is not out yet they've addmitted they were wrong, basically they never should have been at my property and all action taken against me was unfair, the officer who told me this works for the profesional standards dept and he will be completiong the report hopefully i should have it by the end of the week, if not next week. he also told me to go and speak to a solicitor regarding compenstation as i should be awarded some. he also said he still needed to speak with bayv, and will let them know not only did the police act unlawfully bayv did too. i told him about linda davies waiting for the police report before tacking any action, he said its a load of "crap", basically he thinks" bayv hope i give up". so afdter speaking with the police i phoned bayv to speak with linda davies, she was'nt in at the time and rep said she will phone me when shes back in the office, this was last tuesday, anyway she phoned yesterday, they have completed all what they needed to do and asked if it was ok for a manager to come and speak with me regrading what i wanted to do next, i did say over the phone i want all money paid back under the agreement, "she said we dont offer REFUNDS" eh? anyway we agreed to meet tomarrow and my home, truthfully i dont think anyone will come, any advice you can give me about meeting would be much appreicated. thanks to all will keep you updated as soon as i know more chris
  5. Hi all just phoned linda davies as today id still had no contact from bayv, anyway shes asked me to give them time as my complaint is still being investigated, she also said that she just been in a meeting with paul bell the reginoal manager, so hes in wales at the minute if its to do with the complaint she never said. she is also waiting for a statement from the police.
  6. well another day goes without any response from bayv, i did leave an email with linda davies asking what happening? and iam not even getting a reply from her now,
  7. well at first i never mentioned it because i thought the card read" phone i will come" ? it wasent until i photo copied it and blow it up i relised it said " police will come" so when i was back at the police station i give him a copy with the rest of the stuff.
  8. this is exactly what i think has happend, like the officer dealing with my complaint said " the police were not there to aid bayv or myself, but to stop any breach of the peace happening" so the bayv rep as hoped when i open the door and see the police i automatically allow them both to enter!!!!! wich infront of the police i still refused him entry, wich ended up in me being arrested,
  9. still not heard nothing iam gonna trying phoning again also cant upload docs saying i need more then 20 posts
  10. ****************************** Update *************************************** Had a phone call from paul bell the regional manager, basically he saying the police allowed them into my home, also there trying to say i have removed the coin meter from the tv. wich is a complete pack of lies, i asked him if he had any photo proof as they bayv guy was in the flat alone, he replied "its not standard practice, also wich i forgot to mention why was the conset form left blank, should this not have benn mentioned. i passed him the officer who was dealing with police complaint, and he said he would speak with him and also the caller that day. then friday i was back at the police station to show them documents lefft by bayv, arfter he seen the blank consent form he said "theyve had no right to enter or allow anyone to enter my property, hes took a copy of the contract, the consent form and also some cards he left, he will now contact bayv to get there side of the story, he asked what i would like as an outcome, so ive asked to be compensated for unlawful arrest, false imprisoment, unlawful entry and allowing unlawful entry. when i got home i phoned linda davies who told me to ring paul bell, she give me his mobile number, so phoned guess what call is ended after about 6 rings thanks
  11. hi lefty, well yet again iam still wait for a call form the regional director, this will be the 3 rd time ive been told he will call and nothing, yes ive been with bayv for about a year now, they repossessed both the tv and the table, without a default letter or any type of letter saying i was in arrears. what other details do you need and ill send them? thanks again
  12. well ive been told by a close friend that even if the police are proven they acted wrongly they will never admit to it,( dont know how true it is) just spoken to linda davies at bayv, shes thinks that if ive paid under 1/3 of the agrement they have not broken any laws? they have a lagal right to get there stuff back with or without a court order. is that true? and also been told for the 3 time the reginoal director will contact me today or tomorrow,
  13. ive made the complaint to IPC. il know more this wedensday after hes spoken to officiers and bayv, but i cany see how any outcome will say the police acted fairly and legally? the inspector did ask me what i wanted to happen form the complaint? wich i said ill wait to see legal advice monday, will it be worth me going to a solicitors ?
  14. well the inspector i was talking to yesterday has said "soon as ive opened the door seen the police and bayv guy he should haver handed me some official document form the courts" allowing entry. at rhis stage he only has my account of what has happend, he will speak with officiers and bayv before wedensday, but basicialy once i show him the blank consent form left by bayv, he ll kmow i should not have been arrested and bayv allowed in.
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