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  1. birth certificate doesnt have fathers name on it as neither does my others kids, local authority.a never informed me it was terminates till last week, though they did it last year, dwp seemingly havn't been informed as i am still in receipt of my other benefits, dont really know what they playing at as i did offer a written statement but they said they couldnt accept it i needed an i.u.c thansk for all help
  2. how can they just cancel my claim though no explanation no letter nothing, they originally suspended it, so i struggled to pay the landlord his rent, but not the council tax, not the letter says i owe them £1500 for last year and £1500 for this year, never even told me they had cancelled my claim from last year, and if i want to start it again i need to go in for an interview i offered a written statement, i am not avoiding the issue there being so unfair
  3. he has his own propertywher he lives he pays his own council tax, water rates, bank details driving license, we have nothing together never had, we are just friends, he also stays with his mum some nights as she is in ill health, i have took her to some appointments for him when he is at work he owns several properties and i only rent 1 from him, they never asked if we lived together just if my youngest son was his son,
  4. yes someone told them that my youngest son was also my landlords, which he is not btw. me and my landlord are very good friends, he is also a friend of my family he use to work with my dad. but thats as far as it goes, i rent a house off him, with the condition that he can use the garage for storage of his tools and stuff, which is fine by me he has his place, pays his own bills and we have no finacial connection between us i am not being unco-operative either, i offered them a written statement, i hate talking to people face to face as i have severe phobic anxieties, including soci
  5. this started with a visit from investigations officer from the L.A benefits offices about a year ago they asked several questions which didnt really relate to anything, they asked if i would give a statement there and then and i refused saying i needed time to think about it, they then said they would call back in a week. a couple of weeks pasted and my landlord received a letter saying they have suspended my benefit and to contact me for reasons, whe i rang them they said because i did not go in to give a statement they stopped suspended it, i still refused them the statement. the b
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