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  1. Okay many thanks for your help enjoy the rest of your day.
  2. Sorry for my ignorance, should I click on the PPI link at the top of this page? Or can you provide a link that I can use? Again, you have been so helpful and I appreciate your time and patience.
  3. I will send letter off and I will let you all know how it goes - again thank you so much - I feel alot calmer now and put my mind at ease. Should I try and claim back any charges paid or go through one of the many companies advertising for PPI claims just now?
  4. Thanks everyone for your help just clicked on the link. The debt is obviously outstanding - if I paid PPI would I be able to claim it back even though its not settled?
  5. I am not certain of the date roughly 2006/2007. What is the reference to the letter "N"? Thanks
  6. Hi there many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The original creditor was with Littlewoods Catalogue - I think there may be some form of insurance on the account - I do remember being charged quite a bit of money on top of the monthly payments. The last payment was roughly around May/June 2009. Thanks
  7. I received a letter from Advantis Group saying that they are acting for Lowell Group for an outstanding debt. They have said in the letter that if their client decides to take legal action and a CCJ is granted and I do not repay what I owe, they may then apply for an enforcement order, asking the Court to: 1. order my employer to deduct the value of the debt from my wages. 2.appoint a bailiff to visit my home to reover goods to the value of the debt. 3.place a Charging Order on my home or other property. I am really worried about this as I have two young children. They are saying that one of their agents will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to come to my address. I am worried sick can they do this. Can you please help?
  8. hi brig. from fredrickson int.at this stage and as a goodwill gesture we are prepared to accept a full and final settlement. for the amount £2543.50 within 48 hours of recipt of this letter.
  9. hi bri g.. looking in the library and the letter N.( ask your creditor for a copy of your credit agreement under the consumer credit act 1974) is that the one i send.. kind regards...
  10. thank you very much brig for your fast response on this matter.. kind regards
  11. Hi account is in my name - the last payment was made around mid 2009. Thanks
  12. The creditor was Littlewoods Catalogue. My partner left me with other debts and I have fallen way behind in payments and not in position to pay this debt off worried and I am constantly harassed with phone calls.
  13. hello there.newbie. pls help me..this is from bryan carter solicitors. we write regarding to this outstanding debt. £2543.30. payment must be made in full with in 14 days. or we will recommend that our client.(lowell financiall limited) . that proceedings be issued without further notice. should proceedings be issued additional charges will be added to existing balance. outstanding balance.£2543.30. interest. £203.46. court fees£75. solicitors.£80.00 new balance£2901.76. they have me worried pls help
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