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  1. Thanks Martin I'll pm the company details.. We cannot use the line after as all bills are paid by the company so no contract between us and the supplier. Best way to describe it is we pay the employer they pay the suppliers.. I would put money that there is a healthy Mark up somewhere but that's not something we can prove, we had to agree the terms in order to get employed. Worries are come pay day which is in 2 weeks she can end up with no money... Acas cannot help ;(
  2. Hi Matin303.. Thank you for asking..Ill try my best The equipment is paid for monthly..It is a requirn=ment when accepting the job offer to purchase from them..IE we cannot source chaper products or use own connects ETC Yes the line was installed by BT but we pay the company not BT NOT sure what u mean by TT..We pay EVERYTHING to the company back in instalments EXPECT the line rental, that goes to TALK TALK I hope this helps.. IF not feel free to ask away
  3. Hi All Forum Friends This si not for me but a friend of mine who is not a member. We both work for a company who employee homeworkers..She has been released from a probation contract due to not fullfilling the company standards (thats the story anyway).. Upon joing the company we have to buy a IP phone (£299) a line to be instaled (£159) then the monthly line rental talk talk (24.99) plus if we were to have any computer eqipment.. She have worked for them 8 months paying approx £65.00 which never appeared on any pay slips but that was the difference between my wage slip and what actual
  4. Oh I see. Thank you.. LOL No I dont fall for them easily but I guess thats why Parking Eye are so good :S
  5. Are you easily [problem]med? If so give me you address please... You know what I. Saying..... Hi Phil.. I'm not sure what you mean?
  6. Thanks DBC.. have they NEVER as I have just got over a nasty shock of having to go to small claims court (see previous threads) and really do not wish to go through that again.. I am thinking of paying the £60
  7. Hi all Last week my sister and I met at the Leicester Services for Lunch and a general catch up. Neither noticed this 2 hour parking as we have been before.. On Thurs My sister recvd a letter from Parking Eye with a photo of her driving in and out, I recvd mine on friday with just a picture of my number plate.. I have many posts saying ignore these letters..I have a few concerns.. Mine shows no photo of me..I am happy to ignore but need assurance after 4 letters nothing will go further.. HOWEVER my sisters has a picture of her driving..do the same rules aply?? Help p
  8. Hi Unclebulgaria.. I know Mondial, Rush, Rapid, citybond and travel direct cover Most wording I work with :- You or a Travelling companion cannot comply with the transport providers terms and conditions of carriage because of pregnancy that you found out about after you brought your policy (IE she is too far gone to travel safely) You or a travelling companion being advised not to travel by a doctor as a result of pregnancy (Most GPs will give you a cover note if you say the stress of a flight will cause you harm, believe me I have seen hundreds) You ot a travelling companion
  9. Hi.. If your wife wasnt pregnant at the time of taking out the holiday insurance then you can infact make a claim against the insurance.. Easyjet will not refund and more oftend then not the cost of changes out weigh the original costs.. Most insurance companies are very good and paying out for pregnancies....How maany weeks will she be upon the date of travel?
  10. I am afraid they will say no..I would lodge a complaint with their customer services department as the agent mislead you.. I have been in Travel for over 15 years and the internet does pose a problem to the branches but at least you can talk to your agent a PC wont answer you... The short answer is you are now bound by the T&C and a cancellation will cost approx £110 per person.. Sorry
  11. I won!!! The very stern Judge had me worried for awhile, especially having said he never books holidays through a travel agent.. My previous employers solicitor was not allowed to speak so it was all done on me.. Eventually the Judge set the Judgement aside then advised me that the matter in his opnion was finished and that my employer would not need to take the case over.. He awareded me costs plus and extra £100 but something tells me I wont see a penny unless I enforce it but not sure I really want to carry on.. Thank you all for your help and kind words
  12. Hi Ganymede. I hope your right..after the kind responses on here yesterday I was quiet optamistic, however, I needed to drop 2 letters down to the court, 1 being a letter from a solicitor saying I was an employee and the other being a letter to a court bailiff explaining how inappropriate filling in a statement of means form until my day in court.. I bounced in with a spring in my step to be confronted by a court clerk who told me it's very rare that a judgement is set aside once issued as I should have responds in the first place!!!! I calmly said if it was sent to my home add
  13. Hi Jasper.. I found reading your response most interesting..Do people really behave in such a disgusting manner?? I find it incredible that people act like this..I am waiting for my letter which I will duely take to the court so I do not have to fill in this AOE form..once I have it I will get my day in court.. We put a claim in for petrol, calls, time off and the court fee but I am now thinking I should have doubled it.. Any chance you know if I can do that having already put my N244 in?? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi Iwasoncehappy.. Do not dispare.. You have 2 options..1 my brother did and he is fine now owns his house and has a good income and the other we did.. first option..My brother decleared himself bankrupt...I can tell u the ins and outs but he now has a mortgage and a healthy bank balance..from what he tells me all debt was wiped.. Our option.. We sold our house..We wrote to the loan company (22K worth of debit), we advised them they could have £5 per month till we die or we would give them 5k to close the debit...They took the 5k option..We had a bad credit rating for 5 yea
  15. Hi Andy.. Yes it was at Northampton..I have the Claim number but have only managed to get a 1 paragragh email re his original claim.. I have drafted a letter to ask that the AOE be suspended until the 5th Jul due to thats when the SAS will be heard..I am hoping this is enough but will let u know on the 23rd if I am here or not : I am still amazed that this has been allowed to get to this ..
  16. Hi Mould.. 'Stay of execution'..Not sure I like the sound of that! I am assuming I can find out what this means on-line?
  17. They do have a team of solicitors and have already offered to send a letter to the court to advise I was nothing more than a employee.. I am hoping that will be enough
  18. Hi Andy.. so if I send a letter asking for the AOE to be at least delayed until the court hearing on the 5th Jul and hope that the judge realizes the mistake the claiment has made that as an employee its not me he sues but the company (which surely he will lose anyway) that should be enough?? I know i'm being thick but this is all new to me being that I have never been sued before Kind Regards Kerry
  19. Hi Andy.. I have the CCJ as the claiment used the Branch address and my name and as far as the court is concerned it was issued, however as I no longer work there and the staff failed to advise me of this order I did not respond..Like I said the first I knew of anything was 3 weeks ago and it was judged in favour of the claiment in July 2009.. I have asked for the judgement to be set aside and have a date for the hearing on the 5th July 2011 but in the mean time this Baliff has asked me to fill in the attchehment of earning breakdown..As far as I am aware no amounts have been agreed and
  20. Hi Jasper.. Thank you for replying.. I left the company 18 months ago..I have exactly 3 peices of paper. I was the letter allerting me to the problem 3 weeks ago..It said nothing apart from it has been transfered to my local court for the 'attachment of earnings'. I also have an email form the claims people which shows me the wording of his claim and now a letter from the Baliffs asking me to fill in the form for me earnings breakdown and what I have offered to apy each month.. The legal department are sending me a letter which they have suggested I take to the court explaining that I wa
  21. They are now, however In left 18 months ago.. My only concern is i have 8 days to fill this form or face prison... I am really concerned
  22. Hi.. I'll take this slow as I have had the this letter and I am beside myself.. 3 weeks ago I recieved a letter from my local court asking for an attachment of earnings to be heard. After a few frantic phone calls I discovered a customer of mine 3 years ago who booked a holiday in a branch I was working at was sueing me for £1000 as he claims the hotel would have been £700 cheaper if booked direct whilst abroad. He placed a claim back in 2009 using the office address to me but as I had left I knew nothing.. I have found out that because I did not respond that the court ruled in his f
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