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  1. Hi. No I am not paying any DCA, I am doing this myself. Only one company will put fully settled, all others are putting partial settled which will affect us for 6 years. I have resent letters asking for 'settled' and all the other info but, some have stated they will not put it in writing..this is the annoying bit..If I don't get all agreements in place and in writing by the end of the month..some have said they will not honour the agreement so I am at the mercy of the companies who refuse to write!..It has all been agreed on the phone
  2. Hi. An Update. I have taken the advice here and sorted it myself. I have agreements in place with all companies over 7 debts at a Full and Final 30% !! I have a letter from one creditor which states " will not pass on to anyone else...zero balance..account closed and update credit history".. I have another letter from Barclays who have said all of the above but not put my wifes name on the letter so I have asked for this to be resent with all the details. Now..Barclaycard refuse to send any letters as they say that it is all logged on their system and
  3. Hi. I'm with payplan. Really not sure what to do now.
  4. Hi all. I need some advice big time. My wife and I have been in a DMP for 4 years and paid religiously every month as well as over paying where possible. The initial debt was £49,000 we currently owe £29500. I have lost my job. I contacted my DMP provider and told them that I have a sum of money to offer being £10k as full and final settlement. They started to assume many things and said they would initially offer £8000 to the creditors as a full and final IVA with a limit of £11000. Now..here's the tricky bit. I actually received much more than £11000 but,
  5. Hi All. I'm Back..well I have been for a few weeks. I was inconsiderately sent to Italy with Work to sort some Libyans out. I am going to attempt to sort this on-going issue out. Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you all.
  6. Hi All. I have not been in touch as I was sent away on work related stuff to Italy last Saturday..will be in touch when I return. I have very limited computer access.
  7. Thanks Elsa!. " My homework"....I promise to complete it on time, to a good standard but I do expect a merit mark and a lolly!! Thanks so much for your help..I'm off to the park with the little un and then I will get my homework done....Still chuckling
  8. BTW. I went to bed dead early last night and slept incredibly well..today I have taken a day off to sort this out and spend a bit of time with my 2 year old and then my 9 year old when he gets in from school. I figured I needed a break and they needed their dad!
  9. Hi thanks for your reply. I will send off the requests for the original documents. To be honest, I set fire to all the agreements 2 years ago once Payplan got involved !! What form do I need to send them to get the original documents?..I think all the barclays loans were pre 2007 and the MBNA CC but the rest were after 2007 ..I think. Thanks
  10. My unsecured debts ( approximate figures) Barclays loan £11100 Barclay loan £5500 Barclay O/D £4000 Alliance/leics Loan £9000 Egg CC £6200 Paypal CC £3000 ( transferred to lewis group) MBNA CC £1200 ( transferred to Experto Credite) Secured stuff Mortgage express £ 141900 Barclays Firstplus xxxxxxxx £77000 I currently pay £400 to my DMP via payplan for the above u
  11. Hi Bubbsie. Thanks for your time and thoughts. I am under a DMP and have been since march 2009. I currently pay £400 a month but, under this arrangement I will be in the slop for 9 years! I use Payplan, they are funded by the banks and do not charge at all. It is a preferred company by the banks for debt management apparently. Every penny so far that I have paid to them has come off of my debts. I wonder If I could halve my payments under a IVA which over 60 months is just 12K rather than the £40K I currently owe. This would be more manageable and If I came into some money say
  12. Hi all. Thanks again for the messages. In addition to this cry for help last night, i also wrote to payplan. They have phoned me today and we spoke at length..mainly about the intolerable stress and strain it is putting on us. In addition to offering to look at our bills to find cheaper alternatives, they have offered to look at turning our DMP ( that has 9 years to run) in to an IVA ( over and done with in 5 years apparently). I am a little annoyed that it starts from day one again but seems an option. I will need to reduce the payments. What are your thoughts here?? What impl
  13. Elsa. Thank you so much. I have read your blog and it is fantastic. You are right, I f I can make a 'proper' start on taking these creditors to task then I may start to feel better. i have always been a fighter but I seem to have lost that urge. Every time I write to these people or seek a route..they hit me with some legal jargon or explanation that baffles me completely. They seem too big to take on. i do not have surplus cash to fight them in court..I do not want to lose our home and I simply can't go bankrupt because of my job. My Dad helps us out every now and again but that mak
  14. Hi. Thanks for the replies. To answer some of the questions; 1. We did take out PPI in 2006 but I soon realised it was a total con and cancelled it before our first payment. 2. In 2009 I went with Payplan under debt management for the unsecured debt that we now pay £400 a month for. 3. I went to the Docs last year and she put me on anti depressants..they made me feel a whole lot worse so after 6 months I stopped taking them. 4. Collectively we bring home about £3400 per month and I can earn up to another £1K or so on the side. Before we eat at the beginning of the month ou
  15. Hello. This is my first post and if you are a positive happy person who likes to read positive happy stuff.I urge you to try a different thread. If you are still reading maybe someone can help us out because debt is making me ill, straining our marriage and the last time I saw anyone smile in our family was many moons ago. I am an educated bloke, hard working, I was ver enthusiastic and positive..but strain and stress of debt is sucking my will to live. I will admit I have never really been very good with money..easy come easy go. We bought our home in 2006 and set about renovat
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