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  1. hi silverfox can you add the link to me please thanku http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?309388-capquest-statutory-demand
  2. yes please i dont know how to do much on this site i think i just stumbled on set aside LOST or something. Can you explain how to add a link to your thread (im not very technical im afraid)
  3. yes i definately will how soon can i take the documents to the court do i wait 12 ? days from the cca for capquest to reply with a credit agreement
  4. yes probably should never of opened letter but dont really want them turning up at old address scaring my elerly neighbour to be honest but they still only have that address, strangely there is nothing on my credit report about his debt either. thankyou for all your help i will proceed with the set aside still as there is not mention of the stat demand in that letter i will get everything printed off today i hope. silverfox1961 has suggested i ring barry davies so i will try that as well it can only help surely. i really hope that my set aside will be won as ive been looking at other threads where people havent won and i dont understand them at all !
  5. do you think there anything i can add to it? i really havent got a clue about this sort of thing why is the account now on hold for 28 days i sent the cca letter on the 15th so how long do they have to respond to that? also what costs do i give in to court? so many questions sorry
  6. thats fine i got the letter yesterday, do you mean that you want me to post why i am disputing it and previous correspondence with them, i only have four letters from them ive replied three times but first one i mistakenly didnt send recorded
  7. yes please i would appreciate your help, im sure ive kept the letter and slip as i didnt know about statute barred until i went on the money saving forum and they tell you to keep everything. I would be only to happy to drop the OFT an email about them as well !
  8. hi the sd was sent normal post, i have sent a cca of today recorded delivery and also asked for evidence of this payment i made?? i sent the satute barred letter in march this year when i first heard from them they supposedly took debt on in 2006 i have not heard from them till now. The last payment would of been no later than 2003 and most probably to halifax themselves.
  9. the demand was sent normal post, i doubt very much i made a payment after 2003 as i lost the plot for a while, i have sent a cca off today and also asked for proof of this last payment they are claiming i made. it would seem i have to get this set aside now am i right? and how on earth do i do it
  10. Hi i wonder if anyone can help i have been having problems with capquest over a halifax c/c from 2002 the debt was bought by capquest in 2006 and according to them i paid £40 towards the debt in july 2006 after i had sent them a satute barred letter, i have no record of this payment at all. today i received another letter and attatched is a statutory demand . The debt is now £2400 which i would never of been offered that much credit in 2002 please can someone help before they take this further
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