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  1. This topic was closed on 08 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. thanks for that my old fruit!!!!!!
  3. hi all not been on for a while... internet problems!! just a query, i started a claim for my uncle to reclaim his bank charges totaling £4500 about 7-8 month ago and received a letter saying that all claims are on hold.... so my question is... is this just another delaying tactic by the bank and can i now continue my claim??? thanks in advance!.
  4. Top And Bottom Line Is, If They Are Ending The Agreement Why Should I Still Have To Pay The Interest,, They Are Ending The Agreement Not Me... I Dont Give A Monkeys That There Canceling My Card It Gives Me A Good Reason To Get It Payed Off!!!!
  5. the EGG letter i recieved..... dear mr rusko we're writing to tell you that we have reviewed your egg card account, and under condition 20.2 of your EGG CARD agreement, we are giving you formal notice that your agreement will end in 35 days after the date of this letter (31/01/08) you must continue to pay at least the agreed monthly repayment each month until any debit balance on the account is repaid in full. the EGG card agreement continues to apply until the balance is repaid in full. this is ther first 2 paragraphs.........bit of a contradiction dont ya think???? when
  6. good evening to all you wise people!!!!!!!! unfortunaty i am not so wise so this thread might be in the wrong place.! where would be the best place to find a template, Subject access request letter to send to EGG... many thanks for your help in advance and sorry if its not in the right place??
  7. hi all i am doing another claim against barclays for some1 else in my family. but i have forgot what to do....... we have established that the amount owed to us by barclays is £4400. we have sent a letter to them saying that we want the full amount back in the next 7 days. but recieved a letter ack from barclays today saying that to look in to our complaint could take upto 8 weeks. whats the next best step to take. i cant remember what to do now has its bee so long since i did mine!!!!!!!??????????? many thanks for your help in advance.
  8. rang barclays to confirm that i will be following up with a letter stating that wish to have all of my charges back and not just the 3 months worth they have already given me, and the woman on the other end of the phone says i dont have a chance of claiming all of my charges back and barclays will defend this one till the very end. do you think she might be bluffing or have i got a genuine case here folkes???????? many thanks in advance for all your help
  9. even thou i knew the the charges were for having an overdraft.......it seems to me ,that with barclays prepared to pay me 3 months worth back they might be prepaed to pay me the full amount back
  10. After watching the whistleblower program on barclays bank i decided to have a go and try to get my charges back from the bank regarding additions and additions plus account. having wrote a letter stating that i cant remember signing or verbally asking for these accounts ( although i know i have had them otherwise i would'nt of had my £500 overdraft) could you please refund them to me.. i recevied a reply today telling me that they cannot refund all my charges but are willing to refund 3 months worth of charges back...... is it worh persueing the matter for the rest of the money that totals to
  11. you cant lose mate. follow all the info on this site you cant lose. dont lose your bottle and give in at the first hurdle see it through and you will get ll your money back i promise. keep positive
  12. yes i did watch the program and i am now thinking, perhaps i was misled in to havin the additions account, and i am in the process of writing a letter to see about getting the charges back if they have'nt got my signature could i be entitled to these charges back as well???????!!!!!!! worth a try i suppose! LOL
  13. I had two pda's delivered from o2 and i kept quite about them this was about 18 months ago, hav'nt heard owt from them about it since!!!!!!!!! sold the second 1 on ebay......
  14. i would of cashed the cheque and make the bank go through the same process as what we have to go through, offer them half the money back and keep them waiting the best part of 5-6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! depends if you have the bottle i know i would of!!!!!!!!
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