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  1. Hello HB Now what do think how should I response to the court summons? If I plea guilty then I will get the criminal record, isn’t it? I just called the prosecution department, they were very rude. They told me that if I have any further information to tell them I have to do so in writing. They will not listen anything over phone. I have also asked for contact no. or email of the person who have been dealing with my case. They told me that they will not give me any details as there is no single person working for each case in particular. Also they did not gave me any reason why thi
  2. Hello HB The incident took place on 31st January. I went out with my friend. I had zone2+3 pass and some credit on my student oyster card. I went out from zone 1 and it was fine. after an hour I got in to station again, It was a rush hour and took the large ticket barrier. Upon entering the station I was looking for my friend just beside the ticket barriers. Then the tfl member came to me and checks my card. I told him that I was not aware that I did not tapped in and also how much credit I had on my card.He told me that I am going get a letter from tfl regarding this matter. Whe
  3. Hello London Underground I was caught by a tfl member on underground. It was rush hour and I got in to the station without realising that I have not tapped in properly. Then the tfl member came and told me that i did not tapped in and unfortunately I did not had enough credit. He took my details and ask me some questions and then told me I am going to receive a letter. I had a zone2+3 pass on my card and was travelling from zone1. After three months I receive a letter from tfl stating that legal proceeding may be initiated against me. I call tfl and they told me to reply to the lett
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