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  1. I had a horrible feeling that could be the case. On another note, this was settled a fair few months ago (which they've acknowledged) and the current status is in default with some extortionate make-believe figure in the thousands (for a £200 loan). Should this not have been changed to settled or at best satisfied default?
  2. Just plowing through mountains of emails and it'd appear the nearest I would have to anything is this: But a separate email preceding this contained the following:
  3. Having just tonight checked my Call Credit report as a one off, I've noticed that Toothfairy Finance have registered a default against my name, however are they correct in doing so? I've had a fair few problems with TFF/NDR/MHB in that they would not accept a repayment plan via my debt management agency nor would they then accept the repayment plan I was offering them. Finally I came to heel with a repayment plan of their choosing and have cleared the debt. In my honest opinion, there was a period of around three months where I wanted to pay but they simply made it an impossibility. In short - I don't believe they've ever notified me of my default status, rather just consistently threatened me with "poor credit" (obviously - that's why I used them) and intimidation from an impending "visit" - what is my stance with this? Should they have provided me with a notice of my default and by rights can I get Call Credit to remove the default? Alternatively, being that this was settled months ago, should this not be listed as a satisfied default (for what little effect it has on your score)? Whilst I know that writing to the lender is the first port of call, I can't imagine Toothfairy to abide by any sort of rules set for them or to actually treat the question with general human decency. It would also appear that they've searched against my name in recent months when I've NOT been searching for credit and when I've no longer had an outstanding balance with them - would there be any reason for this? Thoughts?
  4. Just so you're all aware, I've now finally paid my debt off with TFF. I have however, filed an MCO claim for the amount that I've overpaid (at worst, I guess I won't see the fee for that back) - TFF have replied with the response "We are fully compliant with all laws, legislation and the OFT Guidelines and we will defend ourselves vigorously in any action brought against us.", which they forwarded to me FIVE times. I did have to do a little chuckle!
  5. I'd finally come back to post that Mirror article - glad to see others have already seen it. My issue is still unresolved - I'm currently in a payment plan with them which is admittedly stupid but regardless the stress of everything is killing me ha.
  6. Unbelievable state this country is getting in to.
  7. I love it - quite clearly shows it was sent from TFF too, despite them being "seperate" companies.
  8. They use the phrase "we are at a loss" a lot. It's hard to explain but PEOPLES SITUATIONS CHANGE, GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. As far as what has changed, that's none of their business unless the court states otherwise, but that would mean GOING TO COURT. I wonder if the guy who sent that is the guy who called me? Seems very coincidental! Did he have his own email address or was it the generic recovery[email protected]?
  9. I've just noted that it seems they won't sign for any recorded delivery mail going to them and it's heading its way back to me; combined with the fact that their email will bounce me around constantly, where can I go from here? I have kept proof of posting - I know this is the case here as The OFT have signed for their 50 page epic which was sent the same day.
  10. Unfortunately for the guy who refused to give me his name when he called me earlier, NDR don't have any privacy for their colleagues either - he's not Australian, he's South African and he's called Jason. Well Jason, congratulations, you now have a name to a recorded, threatening call.
  11. Just had the annoying Aussie/NZ bloke from NDR call - believe he actually called me from MHB once. When I asked him who legally owned the debt, he just gave me a spiel about how I'd be trembling when someone comes to my door and if I'd be so brave as to ask a load of questions to their face. Oh right, well I thought it was MHB dealing with this, so why the call? He didn't tell me they were recording the call until about five minutes in when I asked. He wouldn't give me his name despite numerous requests, and when I told him I'd made a payment, his tone changed. When I questioned him about sending me everything they have on me on file, y'know, like I'm obliged to see (calls and letters) he just said, "well, if you pay us some more money, we'll talk a bit more" - because in his words I'm "a big man with a lot of time to type letters when he should be paying his loan". They also don't acknowledge receipt of my recorded delivery letters. How surprising. I should add that they're refusing acknowledgement of payment - the bank begs to differ. Hello to the constant "guests" on the NDR threads.
  12. I'm inclined to say they do only exist for the purpose of justifying the "solicitors fees", as they don't seem to want to deal with the cases themselves over the phone.
  13. Jog on, surely? Haven't they already applied "solicitors fees" when they passed it on to NDR? Two sets of solicitor fees?! One of which at least is definitely unsubstantiated?!
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