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  1. Hey all... My debt is now with these guys, just under a couple of grand, have been trying to arrange some point of payment plan, and the least they could do it for is £400 a month!! Of course i can't afford that....so what do i do next?
  2. Would you recommend another way at all? I'm open to suggestions, haven't committed to anything yet.
  3. Hey everybody, going on a dmp and need a new bank account, can't get one at halifax or barclays as some of the debt is linked to them...so the co-op are looking like my best bet, but there isn't a branch here. I imagine i can apply online, but how would i put money into the account etc? Or are there any other bank accounts i can try? Much appreciated
  4. So.....i'm back, i sent letters a while ago and of course they all refused the proposals and wanted alot more of me. I should of fought back, but just didn't have it in me, yet again being treated for severe depression, medication and therapy longterm. So i've basically buried my head in the sand, ignored the phone calls. I've been in touch with cccs and think they are actually going to be my best bet. I just wanted to know if there was anyone better really? And that i admire you guys for being so tough with the creditors and helpful to the debtors. So thank you x
  5. Ahh wisdom....not a strong point of mine yet!! I guess because of the high interest?? And the horror stories i've read on here of how nasty they can get.....not saying the others won't get a little nasty, but after three months i'm gonna have abit more to pay the other creditors back with.....thats my logic anyway......but NEVER again will i borrow off them....i've learnt my lesson, but thankfully i've come to the right place to sort it out. Thank you for your advice....letters sent tomorrow, recorded delivery, as you say then they can't deny they didn't get them!
  6. Thank you for all your advice so far, just two more little questions.....can they ring me at work? And does it normally go to a dca before court?? I feel so much better already just typing all this out....thank you x
  7. To be honest, i actually don't want credit again, my personal loans end at the beginning of next year, which is why i'm still paying them. So they can screw up my credit rating all they want, its not the end of the world. I've already asked littlewoods for a payment plan, but they were asking for too much, and i imagine capital one will be the same. I do want to pay...just not in a position too for the next few months....do littlewoods go to court too? How long would it take to get to court if it did happen?? And what would be the worse that could happen? Thank you for your adv
  8. Thank you for the quick reply, i do think the people on this website are brilliant!! I'm gonna clear the payday loans asap, never again will i bother with them!! lesson learnt!! My credit cards are with capital one and the catalogue is littlewoods, im just so scared if they don't accept what i can pay them, they will take me court. The budget planner is a good start.....i shall send one to each of them, what should i say if they start calling?? Much appreciated x
  9. Hi, i've been lurking around this site, and have finally decided i need to sort myself out!! I've been stupid with money, but i now want to regain control. I've missed a payment on two credit cards and a catalogue account recently, as i'm trying to clear the payday loans i took out, should be cleared by the end of august if not sooner. But whilst im doing this, i just can't afford to pay the others, after my rent, ctax, personal loan, food, i just have enough to live off. I don't know what to do, i want to pay them, as i spent the money at somepoint!! I just can't meet the mini
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