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  1. They wont give you any decision at the interview, they will write to you, it took 2 weeks for them to write to me. Try not to worry , you say it was not intentional so just stick with that .They kept asking me 'who did i think was responsible for making sure i got the right benefit' i always replied that they were. I cant be sure but i do wander if i'd ever said it was mine ,would the outcome had been diferent.I'd be suprised if they prosecuted you for £200 pound,you will just have to pay it back.Offer them £5 a week or something else you can afford. you could probably get away with not telling your husband then.Try not to worry it will get sorted eventually,and you can only do what you can do,think positive.
  2. Hi shreddie, that is why i put my update on because i found the whole thing the worst experience of my life,but there is light at the end of the tunnel and closure.As i have said i have to pay £7000 back in total because they said they didnt recieve a letter i posted to declare i was working , but they say i wasnt entitled to it so they want it back. My stomach was in knots for months with worry,but i did have support of family to talk it through with,perhaps you should tell your husband , a problem shared and all that..I still went to interview on my own even tho hubby knew.
  3. Thought i would give an update on my case as a thankyou to everyone that helped and offered support to my plight. After the 2nd horrendous iuc i endured the HB have decided NOT to prosecute me which is a massive relief, but i do have to pay the over payment of 7000 pound back which is daunting but not as bad as the process i have been through . The whole process has been that stressful i was actually taken ill with stomach ulcer, i do blame the stress and worry as i have never had stomach problems before all this.But never the less i am just relieved the whole thing is over and we can get back to normal life.
  4. Well i have good news i am not being prosecuted, but i do have to pay the overpayment back, which is fair enough . what a relief. However i did request a copy of the tapes before i knew of outcome, our letters must have crossed in the post . they have said i can not have a copy of the tapes because they are not prosecuting me . Is that correct?
  5. Sorry but i'm abit confused now, can i request a copy of tapes , and will they send me a copy regardless of wether they are going to prosecute or not.If i request a copy before they make the decision will this get their back up so to speak and influence them to try for prosecution.My case seems to be a case of my word against theirs, i sent the letter explaining c of c , they say they didnt recieve it , hence overpayment i'm now paying back. The interviewer said they were still considering wether to prosecute or not, i believe a prosecution will result in me losing my job as i am crb checked every 3 years (i work in a school).
  6. Does anyone know if i can apply for a copy of the tapes straight away or is there a certain time i have to wait
  7. iI told him he didnt know the circumstances i went on holiday, and that i dont drink, smoke, gamble or do drugs,and he shouldnt pre judge or make assumption,that because i went on holiday i was frauding the system
  8. Had my second iuc today and i am left feeling mentally exhausted,humiliated, and like a second class citizen.To update people HB said they did not recieve letter i sent in to notify c of c that i had started work, so they say its fraud, apparantley iit is going to their "mamager" to see what they are going to do . What has angered me so much is apparantly In his opinion people on a "low income"should not be able to go on holiday, and the fact that i do i lead an affluent life style. Can you believe the cheek of him , i told him in not so many words that that was a terrible thing to say and i cant believe i was hearing it come out of his mouth, that he thinks disabled people are not entitled to an holiday. I AM SO ANGRY that someone in his position has that opinion, am i over reacting here or what.
  9. thanks jadey perhaps i have got excited prematurely then. my brain is bamboozled now with figures etc.. so im stopping now to watch deal or no deal (more numbers i know) but im not working them out. i might google the child benefit diregard tomorow to see when it came into effect. thanks for everyones help.
  10. I am still going through all the paperwork and have a question that needs answering. Is child benefit an income disregard when calculating CB/HB because some of the calculation have it as a disregard and some dont , im not sure what is correct before i get to excited. If im correct in my thinking they have not disregarded my child benefit for 39 weeks from 2 feb to 2 nov= grand total of £770. Is this the first mistake spotted or was there a change in rules in november where it came in .
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies..Conniff .. at theIUC one of the officers asked me who i thought was responsible for making sure i was recieving the correct HB. I repilied "you are" and they were gob smacked,i explained that how could WE the CLAIMANTS be responsible if we dont have a clue how much we suppose to get in the first place..When i asked how much should i be getting then , she said she didnt know,of which i replied "If you dont know and you work in the building how on earth do you expect me to know" she shrugged and said it was not her department. Leemack.. I am going through all the paper work as we speak, and comparing dates with the amounts etc..(just having a cuppa) Silverfox.. Exactly what i said to them at IUC, it was a bit of a coincidence that i send letter , get an award but they have no letter,i showed them the photo copy i had with me in all the gumff i had taken,it was dated etc.. they just looked at each other and asked how i had posted it,i couldnt resist the sarcasm in my voice as i said put it in an envelope i stuck a stamp on it and popped it in the letter box, thats when they said about the proof of postage.They showed me written reference to the phone call, but not untill i had said i did ring in. Looking back i think they want people to deny their allegations so they can be smug and throe evidence at them , but i was honest,and nothing to hide , it probably peed them off.Your right i didnt realise i was being overpaid , but i do now with the large amount i owe. Is there an appeal procedure then?
  12. Thanks Annie , i will look at the calculator to see if that helps.but its seems to be a bit of a minefield at the moment. THEY say your better off working , but im not convinced, it seems to me from what i can understand , for every £1 i earn they take 85 p . Also CT want £923 by 14th july then £105 amonth thereafter.HB are going to take £33 aweek of my already measly award,Whats ironic is the amount i work 20 hour a week for doesnt even cover my rent and CT. I think my employer shoul d put a zero on the end i could stuff the lot of them then.
  13. Thanks Jadeybags for your reply, it seems our situations were similar. At the IUC they had what looked like a print out of my earning from my employer (city council) so im assuming they used them. I took my wage slips with me(just in case ) but they didnt ask for them. I cant understand such an influctuation in the amount they awarded me if my earnings stayed the same, it dont make sense. The 2 officers were horrible to me , almost calling me stupid for not reading and checking the entire letter ,but when you recieve 4 letters on the same day all saying diferent amounts its confusing, so i just wait to see what they paid into my account and assume thats right.Lucky for me i do write the date on envelope etc before filing them.and write /copy letters.But they patronisingly say they havnt recieved. But because i havent got proof of post, does that mean they will prosecute me . its so worrying because if i get prosecuted im sure i will lose my job(work in school) . Its my word against theirs isnt it basically.
  14. After i recieved appt for IUC out of the blue ,i found your site, which was extremely helpful and forewarned me on what to expect. So a BIG THANKYOU from me. However, it was still the most horrendous, intimidating experience of my life .The outcome was that when i started work for 12hours i rang them(they have this on record) to find out what to do,iwas told as i wasnt working 16 hours it would not effect HB etc(i now believe that to be incorrect).When my hours increased to 20 hours i sent them a letter (i have a copy) to explain change of circumstance, of which 10 days letter i got another award, after a quick flick through i filed it kitchen draw with the pile of other HB letters. The IUC outcome is that they say they had no letter and basicly accused me of fraud which has resulted in an overpayment for 2 years. Well i have just recieved a 33 page letter (yes you have read it correctly)33 PAGES of figures, dates,etc.saying i now owe them over 5000 in HB and 1800 in Ct so as you can imagine my world is upside now at moment. Now im no mathmetician , but surely if my wages were the same every month (pro rata) the award should be quite simple to work out,but they have figures all over the place of varying amounts , sometimes not awarding me anything of which i am confused..How should i go about this, should i ring them or write to them or appeal or what, or just take there word for it that thats what i owe.Wish i,d never retrained and got the job now it just dont seem worth it , all its done is landed me 7000 in debt.And i might still get prosecuted apparently. Sorry its a bit long winded ,but hope you get the gist of it.
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