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  1. Where do I begin On Sunday I realised i had a slow puncture as i was passing Kwikfit Rochdale I called In To get The puncture Repaired , The man in the Garage said It would be about an hour and said he would ring me when the Job was completed about half an hour later he rang me and said i needed 2 tyres on my passenger side was nearly illegal and the other only had a few thousand miles left on it now my car was only just serviced at a reliable garage last month i thought it was odd they hadnt mentioned it i gave him his due and told him to proceed with the tyre he could repair one and fit a new one as he only had one in stock i asked him to put my spare on out of the boot as well , when i went to collect car it was still on the Ramp with wheel still off he said that the Wheelnuts had been cross threaded and that they would need to be replaced as well as the Wheel hub and as it was sunday i would have to wait till monday morning for a price Well for Starters If my Garage had done the Damage with an airgun on the wheels they wouldnt be able to get the wheelnuts in the Holes either i had no choice but to leave car on ramp and come home in taxi . This morning at 8.40am prompt he rang with a price of £349.07P and i quote he said for everything , i gave him the go ahead only to be rung roughly an hour later to be told £419.37p as Audi dont contain Bolts They used splines whatever they are ??? and he would have to take more parts off the car etc etc i again gave him the go ahead to carry on only to be rung a third time about an hour later with you guessed it another new quote of £547.37p by now i was getting quite annoyed his customer service skills needed a lot to be desired he said he didnt know it had had a new tyre on (Thats what i took it in for in the First place ) he blamed the workman from Sunday for not letting him know . I have no proof that the Damage to my wheel was done by Kwikfit but when i got home i looked on the Net and googled Kwikfit rip off and found loads of complaints off other customers i immediately filled in a complaints form on kwik fits website and I await their reply i shall certainly not be going to Kwikfit any time soon and am damned annoyed i didnt know about their bad reputation before i went people need Warning about this rip off company Sadly i found out too late
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