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  1. Thank you all for the replies, much appreciated. I sent the form that Vax emailed me back to vax via recorded delivery on Thursday.....and today (saturday) a courier delivered a brand new cleaner which is an uprated & more expensive model. A big thumbs up to vax for the excellent customer service. Regards.
  2. Thank you for replying. I paid cash & the ammount was £59.99.
  3. Hello, on the 12\05\15 i purchased a VAX vacuum cleaner from my local Argos store. I set about cleaning yesterday to find that the brush roller had seized up, the drive belt was starting to melt, there was no suction whatsoever & it made a loud screeching noise when switched on. I took it to the Argos store today with the intention of obtaining a refund, or credit note, as i had decided to buy a more expensive model. I was told i must contact the manufacturer & that they would not refund......basically they did not want to know & the person i spoke to was arrogant &
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