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  1. One final q. For a byelaw offence will i get a criminal record? also do you think FCC will accept out of court fees of the amount they want £130 in total, or is it too late to drop the case?
  2. Its my first offence and i wasnt nasty to the lady although i was frustrated when she spent almost an hour taking my details in full view of other commuters. I did plead guilty on first oportunity and i have tried to settle with FCC out of court on 4 occasions which i have informed the court of. Thanks for all your replys
  3. Hi, the ticket office was not open when i got on the train as they had literally just opened the gates. I missed the train by 3 mins due to the taxi being late, i was however on a day/night out which i have told them in my letter.
  4. P.S they are looking at the byelaw 18(2) failiour to hand over a ticket for inspection. I did handover my ticket and they took it off me. I have requested the ticket back as evidence from FCC but they have ignored my request. The offence should be traveling without a valid ticket or out of date ticket surely??
  5. Hi, Just wondered what happened. Im having a similar prob with the same offence. Thanks
  6. Hi, I know there are many threads on this but i havnt noticed any which explain the adjourned hearing process Background I had a return ticket which i payed for at approx 1pm on the 22nd March, i missed my last train home and had to wait until 5:30am to get the first train home the next day. I was half asleep and didnt even think about my ticket not being valid. When i arrived at my station the ticket wouldnt go thorough and i had my details taken (i had no means to pay there and then) ...Thern 6 weeks later i rec'vd a court summons. I proceded to contact FCC 3 times to pay the fare and informed them that i had indeed purchased a return ticket so was therefore not trying to avoid fare completely. they wouldnt settle and continued with the court. I sent a mitigating letter explaining the above in a bit more detail but also claimed Guilty as it was true my ticket was indeed invalid. Update Today, i recieved a letter from the court saying the case has been adjourned until next month for out of court settlement or sentencing!!! What does this mean?? I assumed it would have been settled on the first date and i would receive my fine. Im now pooping myself. Im a single mother and a student nurse, a criminal conviction is the last thing i need at the moment. I have again contacted FCC stating the letter recieved and begging them again to settle out of court but im not expecting they will. Questions 1.Anyone had similar or know what might happen?? 2. Do people get sentenced? 3. Should i attend? Im worried about attending as i hate things like this and would rather not but not sure if i have to. It requests me to attend but also says that if they dont hear from me or i dont attend then the case can proceed against me in my absence. Thanks for your advice in advance (sorry about spellings)
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