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  1. It's your diverter valve, you can use the worchester valve or use a honeywell valve, sometimes the valve just "sticks" and can be sorted manually but usually i prefer to just change it if it is too far gone, it's less time to fix and supprisingly less time to charge for. a 3 port valve is very easy to pick up, 99% of merchants keep these in stock and i can get one for around £70-90 depending where i go. i don't put anything on for the part, what i pay, you pay. and labour @£30 per hour (or part of) so figure ball park of £100 to £130I do CP12's for loads of LL's and heating/plumbing repairs and i know from experience how much they hate to pay out. usually they first thing they say is "how much?" and either try and do the job themselves or spend ages getting quotes for the cheapest person.....Sorry to say this, but it sounds like you got a typical LL i see easy 3 times a week...Hope this helps
  2. I replaced a diverter valve in a boiler during the xmas/new year and i had to wait 3 days for the part. and i later on replaced a C/H pump which i got the same day the merchants were open. What type of boiler is it? i may be able to give you a time scale on replacement parts.
  3. crap.....spaced out in quick post comes out like a bag of..............sod it you know what i mean, merry xmas all have a good un.
  4. GOOGLE search, top of the list comes up with this.pgh7447: Commentspgh7447 has recently commented on Money · Borrowing & debt · Personal loansUK newsDebt collectors hit out at advice websitespgh7447's comment4 December 2009 3:33PMFredwhispers, what a poor joke you are, get a life mate and stop pretending your something you aint. your probably sat at home right now wondering what shall I pretend to be today, I know I will be a DCA Threat MonkeyRecommended (4)Debt collectors hit out at advice websitespgh7447's comment3 December 2009 9:24PMdo shut up fredwhispers or at least have the guts to admit working for a DCA, if these sites are as bad as you say then why is the CSA so Afraid of them? O' I know because they tell the truth about a shoddy, disgusting trade in misery that these leaches deal in Up the CAG and all like minded websitesRecommended (4)Debt collectors hit out at advice websitespgh7447's comment2 December 2009 7:27PMSo the CSA led by th chairman of 1st credit that upstanding debt collection company that was put under licence by the OFT for outstanding conusumer practices is diamyed by the forums that advise people to query the right of these debt collection agencies to: Harass people Threaten people with court chase the wrong people for debts that are not theirs hire unscrupulous solicitors try to resurrect statute barred debts add interest charges when they are not allowed to and on and on I would suggest that the CSA refrains from throwing stone in glass houses. If they want people to pay their debts then dont treat them like criminals, there have been enough cases highlighted lately of these very companies Hounding people to DeathRecommended (1)BTW from the guardian.co.ukand considering the posts i have read from him, even this ex bootneck has no doubt he speaks his word..even if he's an ex tom......
  5. i was aware that unless it is in your contract any shortfalls are not taken from you, especially if it involves 3 others....and mistakes happen, companies account for this in margins etc plus anything that cuts into margins means less performance bonus for the manager....although i've been known to be wrong..
  6. over the last 90 days i have used about 900 units BUT my heating has not been going on that much, only in the last couple of weeks and only this week for a few hours a night. and averaged out it works out for me as 25 quid a month or so for gas used over 3 months so it does seem to be high if you go off my readings vs cost to me.. it may be worht getting in touch with them however if those are your readings you gave them then that is what they have calculated as your bill, sorry..
  7. live in the same type of flat, and my last bill (estimated) which i paid was for £51.00 odd..month before that was 45 quid. this month i got my bill for 61 quid and read my meters, phoned eon and my bill is now 28 quid. so id does seem high but not well over the top. have you read your meters?
  8. it's very easy to check. If the new boiler has been fitted this year then a Certificate from Gas Safe should have been sent out to the address where the work was carried out confiming that the Registered Installer who carried out the work is Certifying that all works carried out conform to the current building regulations. no form means no registration to gas safe. a quick call to them on 08004085500 will confirm if it was registered or not, and if the installer is current or not.
  9. more importantly i would also inform Gas Safe about a wrongly installed boiler, the installer has to by LAW inform Gas Safe that he has installed a new boiler so they should have a record of the intallation.you also said boilers, has he done more than one? and if so where they ALL installed incorrectly? what was the problem(s) with the boiler(s)?
  10. done, thanks..methinks i may be back on tomorrow saying they called again.....
  11. got the phone passed to me by a friend who works with me (fortuantly i was in at the time, i'm 99.5% out doing my job so lucky was in office at the time)me; Hello?Mellisa:hello it's mellisa calling from buchannan clarke and wellsme: ok, you do realise that it's against OFT guidelines to call me at workMellisa: ok well can you answer some security questions?:me: NO. in writing only please, and please be advised i will be reporting this to the relevent bodies. and NEVER call this number again...mellisa: ok so do you want me to take this number off our system?me: yes...ok, so where do i go from here? who do i report this to? i know what the debt is for, it's been passed around and around for a year or so and now doing the rounds with BCW and i doubt this will be the last i'll hear from them at work, so what do i do if they call again?thanks in advance..p.s. thanks to the advice i have read on here i think that what i said was right? 4 months ago i wouldn't have known what to do...but now;-)and how the HELL did they know where i work? edit, i hope this time it's in paragraphs!!!!
  12. if you like myself, pay for your TV license via quarterly DD you get charged £1.50 extra... score 5 quid extra off me because i pay it over 4 payments and not weekly or monthly....when asked if i agreed to the charge an i said no, was told couldn't continue with setting up a quarterly DD, i could of course set a monthly DD but they would take out 1 years payments over 6 months. then continue normal payments...efectivly being 6 months ahead all the time....imagine if even only a million people did like i did? score an extra 5 million quid...not impressed at all......
  13. BLASPHEMY!!!!! BROWN SAUCE not "ketchup":| GOD WILLS IT!!!!
  14. I phoned up about my E-ON account and he confirmed the increase, so asked what i need to do as i want to move away due to increase, hmmm was told let's see what i can do, well what do you know, price freeze on my account until OCT 2013....amazing what happens once you ask to move.......
  15. well you can do it yourself, however unless you are competent in how you feel towards using tools and plumbing i wouldn't be doing it.your plumber who will fix the leak will be able to put everything in for you. basically there are 2 types available. liquid form and a concentrate (like a tube of silicone) myself i prefer liquid form (and it's cheaper than concentrate) I use these: X400 sludge remover, X100 inhibitor, X300 cleaner. all by sentinel. you can also use later on X400 system restorer. the other products a would use is by Fernox
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