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  1. Was at court this morning, MIL sent two reps, Judge looked at photos, asked me if it was my car, I replied yes, he looked at the signage, so small on the car photo was not viewable, the one picture that was viewable was taken on the South West Coast path with Sea in the background. "Your client never learns" the judge says to MILs reps and dismissed the case. In about 20 mins in all, no costs. A big thank you to all for your reassurance, I was very confident going in, no nerves at all, and thats thanks to the confidence given me by you all. It is my Birthday as well so started the day nicely for me
  2. They have sent 5 pics of my car, no street name, could be anywhere and signage off the southwest coastal path. The car is supposed to be in the centre of Truro where you can't see the sea unlike behind the signage pic
  3. Have received bundle from MIL Containing 6 pics of my car and one of signage (not with car). the bullet points I. The bundle include the fact they have purchased the debt from Llawnroc parking with a deed of assignment. States my defence about being over the 60 days, that I was not the driver, my appeal?? Was rejected ( I received an email from llawnroc admitting it was out of date but were going to persue the matter through the small. Claims court. MIL claim they have tried to mediate by phone ( no calls received, they don't have my number) . they have quoted parking eye v Beavis? they don't believe the amount demanded is unconscionable or extravagant. My court date is 18 Feb so must have my bundle sent in by the 4 Feb. What do I put in a bundle? Any advice gratefully re eived, do I have to attend, I am quite happy to
  4. Many thanks for your replies, I have sent off defence and will let you know how it goes. Again many thanks to all you caggers
  5. Just received County Court claim from the debt collectors who were sold the "debt" am in midst of writing defence have mentioned that NTK was sent out of date No Popla number issued when I queried this I was not the driver Is that all i need ?
  6. I have a meeting with a board member of the charity (instegated by them) on Monday 19/7/15
  7. My apologies armadillo, I quickly looked for a date and the date i saw was "cagger since" they are from 2014. Again sincere apologies
  8. I am well aware of client confidentiality, I would never ask for nor would my friends ever give me any information about the chap in question. Its the fact my confidentiality appears to have been breeched, many of my ex colleagues never knew my wife and I had split up, hence can they discuss my private life in a staff meeting, I understand they could tell staff if they do meet me that the aformentioned chap is a discussion out of bounds and I respect that. But if they are using Protection of vulnerable adults, are they right in giving my wife a reference without disclosing her breech of trust. Thanks for the reply ericsbrother
  9. HAd all the usual threats then nothing since last year. Just received a letter from a local debt collection agency (MIL Collections) saying they have been sold the debt. The letter states intention of small claims court etc final line says " Do not undderestimate the seriousness of this letter. You may NOT receive further communication from us prior to issue of small claims action. Original tickets issue 2012!
  10. First of all apologies if this is the wrong forum, I'm sure someone will irect me to the correct one if it is. Myself and my wife worked for a Homeless charity, I took voluntary redundancy in 2013 after a few run ins with the managers which were successfuly challenged with help from caggers. Recently I have hit a very lowpoint in my life. I lost my dog in April which left me devastated, I also suffer from Osteoradionecrosis to my jaw which has caused me immense pain (had surgery a week ago and is now much better) I also suffer from Cluster Headaches. On top of all this my wife left me for someone else last month. My problem is, I phone a close friend (who works for the same homeless charity) for some support at a particular low point only to be told that he had been threatened by said charity that any contact with me could lead to his dismissal. I contacted another friend who works for the same charity to be given the same answer. It transpires that the chap my wife has gone off with was a service user of the charity. I had suspicions but nothing concrete. No one from the charity has ever contacted me re said chap. My suspicions were only confirmed by the "ban" on my friends from contacting me. HAve they been discussing my private life in staff meetings? My wife left suddenly last month and was given "Gardeners leave" and has since starte a new job in the care industry. Should I have been contacted re the "Ban". If I knew there was some sort of investigation I would not have contacted any staff from there as I know their bullying style of management. Can they do this? I really nee the support of my friends at present and am feeling totally alienated, I worked there for nearly 10 years. Many Thanks
  11. moll 61

    Traumatic experience

    when i had the appointment i stated i thought it felt as if it was broken, he asked if i wanted an xray, i said i did, then he examined my mouth, the jaw bone was exposed through my gum, he then disuaded me from having an xray as he said it is a bad infection and the pain would be similar. Spendin over a month sleeping in an armchair waiting for anti biotics to kick in, pain was so bad i considered A&E a couple of times, perhaps I should have in hindsight. When consultant examined me next appoinntment she had me in for surgery the following week, i have seen the subsequent xray which shows a wide fracture now plated together
  12. moll 61

    Traumatic experience

    Thanks for the replies, Facial oral surgery Doctor at the hospital stated that with this condition I should have had xray every visit. GP not involved during this, though will be seeing her on Monday to go through meds, will see what she says.
  13. moll 61

    Traumatic experience

    Since having Radiotherapy in 2006/7 I have developed Osteo Necrosis of the Jaw. I had surgery to remove a piece of my jaw bone earlier this year. About 6 weeks ago my Jaw became tight and painful and over a week became intolerable. I contacted facial/oral surgery at my local hospital where I was given an appointment, by the time of the appointment I was basically living on Porridge. At the appointment I told the Doctor that it felt like my jaw was broken, he asked me if I wanted an x-ray to which I replied I would. On examination he told me I had a serious infection and that an x-ray would be pointless as the infection was severe and would feel as painful as a break. I replied I would rather have an xray but was dissuaded. I did ask him if that was his professional opinion that an xray would be pointless to which he replied yes, and gave me a 4 week course of anti biotics and some Scandishake meal replacemnt drinks. The pain got worse and a couple of times I nearly went to A&E and was sleeping in an armchair as I was unable to lie in bed due to the pain in the jaw, in the end I got another emergency appointment with Facial / oral surgery dept. A different Doctor examined me and immediately called the consultant who came and examined me. She immediately put me on her surgery list for the follwing week. The whole experience of attending my appointement for surgery was farcical and is subject to a seperate complaint to the hospital. What concerns me is that during Surgery I had a fracture that needed bolting together, the pain and suffering that I and my family went through the preceeding weeks I feel was avoidable if they had granted my request for an xray as my body was telling me it was broken. But like many of us I did not want to have a " I know better attitude" and challenge the Doctors knowledge and experience and trusted him wholly. The question I am asking is how do I proceed. Am considering legal action, though I loathe to do it against the NHS of which I am a great believer, but this is not the first time I have had issues with this hospital. I had to stop my part time job and will be seeking a sick note to go onto esa for a short while whilst I recover, during surgery they removed one of my teeth and so now have to fork out for another partial denture. I am so frustrated and am sure I have missed out Information that caggers may need to help me, so I will reply as required Many thanks for just letting me vent so far. Back now to weeks of pain killers and anti biotic
  14. Just received 2 begging letters from PCS stating "Driver must pay" they still don't know who that was. Very amateurish print all out of boxes etc. Notice to Owner. We have obtained your details as you were the registered keeper/owner of the vehicle at the time of parking. A Parking Charge has been issued because your vehicle was involved in breaching the stated terms and conditions of parking, which were clearly displayed and agreed to by the driver when your vehicle was parked on private land managed by our client Llawnroc Parking Services Ltd. Despite a Parking Charge having already been issued, and placed on the screen of your vehicle, or sent to you by post, we have not received payment from the driver. The opportunity to pay at the reduced amount has passed and the full amount is now due. Full payment must be made by the driver within 28 days of the date of this letter to avoid further action. Sound familiar?
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