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  1. I can't believe this site and the amazing people on it have given me more sane advise in 1 evening than days of scouring the internet and complimentary initial consultations with solicitors. My sincerest thanks to you all. Cerberusalert especially I may actually sleep tonight thanks to you.....
  2. I suppose It doesnt make things any worse for me is I sent them the SB letter and It's wrong though right? I'll look stupid but It's worth a try right? -Thanks to you all . If this works and I don't have to pay it I will certainly make the biggest donation I possibly can and recommend the site to anybody who has these types of problems and suggest they do the same !!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed the statements dont show any payments for mum !
  3. cerberusalert - wow thank you, this might just be the thing.... So if there were no payments between June 06 and now and she has never sent them a letter accepting the debt I don't have to pay it! AND they have to stop hassling me! so IF I demand a copy of any correspondance my mother sent and the statements - I should be able to prove the debt is Statute Barred ... so if .. and I'm not expecting there are but if she has paid within the past 6 years could I just hold out until the 6 year has passed then it is statute ? Also I had to sent them birth certificate and probate letters explainin
  4. Thank you all ever so much for your advice so far .... I'm not stupid by any most standards but I can't help feeling that because I don' t have in depth knowledge of the legal rights surrounding the case that RBS are just hoping to railroad me into something to scratch back some minor amount so some call centre phone jockey can meet their repayments target at my expence!
  5. cerberusalert - Guidance on statute barred debt that “it is unfair to pursue the debt if the debtor has heard nothing from the creditor during the relevant limitation period”. The last payment of this alleged debt was made over six years ago and no further acknowledgement or payment has been made since that time. Unless you can provide evidence of payment or written contact from us in the relevant period under Section 5 of the Limitation Act, we suggest that you are no longer able to take any court action against us to recover the alleged amount claimed. The OFT Debt Collection Guida
  6. rondodriver - I did the probate my self I couldnt afford a solicitor, I sifted through all the documents I could find and contacted all the companies myself to tell them the situation... they all said send the documents including RBS and suggested they would not need to contact me any further .... I was 21 nieve and skint (still am) I had to take out loans to pay for the funeral ..... and neadless to say I had 2 weeks to sort this lot out after my Mum died before I had to return to work!
  7. Ell-en - as far as I know no, there has been no payments since 2001 when mum took out the card in the first place .... until she died in 2008. I was under the impression they accepted the death certificate and wrote off the debt... they have been sending post to the wrong address trying to chase me i've therefore i've obly just realised they had been chasing it! The shadow - I've spoken to RBS , no legal stuff has happened yet , They had wrote to me but My Dad got the post at his house and we have not been in touch for years .... They have discussed my "options over the phone " but I'
  8. Hi All, I have a complex situation.... My Mum died In 2008 (when I was 21yo) she left a huge amount of debt and a small completely run down house. As he next of kin I got probate, i contacted all known creditors and most when i explained i lived in the house wrote off the debt - great.... Except RBS who had been chasing me for her £3500 credit card debt... By the time my mum was cremated I owed 10k for funerals administration costs and a loan which I took out to make the house habitable... (at 21) I'm now being told The estate I.E my home (becuase there was no
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