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  1. I have only started living here last couple weeks but the tenancy started beginning of August so nobody has been living here prior to the previous tenants. The I did inform the LL about this and he only put 1 mouse trap down and I have spent money buying other traps/repeller to try rid the problem and I've caught 3/4 mice in the last couple days. I have also noticed that there are gaps in some of the walls where sockets and pipes have been installed but it seems as if they have done a half job and not filled in the rest of the gap, which could possibly be where the mice are coming and going. I was thinking of getting some expandable foam to plug the holes but a) I am worried he might charge us from our deposit for doing this and b) I shouldnt see why I should be spending more money and doing his job of plugging the holes which should have been done in the first place. He's more of a call him anytime person but you suggest sending a letter so I have evidence if taken further? What is a reasonable time limit? 14 days? more?
  2. Hi all, hoping I can get some clarification on my rights as a tenant in regards to mouse infestations. recently noticed there might be a mouse or two in the house after hearing some scurrying along the skirting board in my room. I informed the landlord who also owns the house next door and he said he caught a couple of them and decided to lay a trap. at least 3/4 have been caught so far but upon investigation there seems to be some gaps in the walls/skirting board which I suspect the mice are coming from. I suggested to the landlord could he not fill these in as it would help to prevent them coming in bu he just sort of brushed off the matter and said there would be no point. It would take no more than 10-15mins to fill in. My main worry is I am on the ground floor and the mice seem to be coming into my room, I have bought one of those repellers but I am not sure if its actually bringing them out or not working at all. I've been staying some other place last few days as I dont really want to hear or have any mice running around my room while im sleeping. What rights do i have in this instance? I do know there is some case law regarding rodent infestations but doesnt seem so clear. My housemates are not back until this weekend but I am away on holiday and ideally i would like all of us to have a sit down and discuss what needs to be done and i think the first step is filling in the gaps on the walls. I have been informed that Environmental health could order my landlord to deal with this but on the other hand I have also been told that the Landlord and Tenant Act puts the landlord under an obligation to do this in relation to pests such as mice. Any help would be appreciated as I would like it sorted and the landlord seems nice so far I just like to know my options should he refuse do to anything about it. p.s. Is laying down mouse traps/bait considered reasonable where there may be an infestation? Cheers!
  3. It is hard to find such cases and most of these would normally be settled out of court and therefore prevents the case coming before the courts. I am not sure if you have tried already but I have a couple of contact details you might want to try. Beverly Matheson - Complaints department [email protected] Warren Buckley - Director of retail customer services (not sure if you have business broadband or not) [email protected] You may want to try Warren Buckley as he does tend to respond to his emails.
  4. Locutus - I know what FTTC is and how it works i dealt with issues like this on a daily basis. The problem Ivanbb is facing is the last leg of the journey i.e. from the cabinet to the house and this is what i suspect is causing the bottleneck on his speed due to the quality of the line itself and the noise on the line therefore he is experiencing the fluctuation in speeds. hIf he is close to the exchange then the speeds of 40mb will push through to the cabinet and then from the cabinet to the house the speed will drop dramatically as the las tleg of the journey cannot support it. As I said, in my opinion the only solution would be to fit a new line from the house to cabinet, unless there is something else that is causing the issue which, if it has been going on for 8 years can't see there being any. But having the problems for the last 8 years seems to me that the engineers are only temporarily solving the problem before going back to the way it was before. Of course Ivanbb will need to go through the right channels to get this sorted, and I'm sure if he explained that he has had issues over the last 8 years with no permanent solution and that the only way of resolving things would be a new line then I think that could be something the chairman's office would consider. But yes, I agree court action is a little premature unless BT are not filling the their proper duties and that is to provider a decent level of service - having noise on the line intermittently over the last 8 years is not the level of service expected.
  5. firstly, by NFF you mean no fault found? You say your 25m from the cabinet but how far are you actually from the exchange as the crow flies? being 25m from the cabinet doesnt necessarily mean you will get a great speed Is the noise itself crackling, hissing, buzzing? Is the noise appearing on phonecalls too? is it too noisy to actually make calls? is your line running underground or overhead cable? I think your best bet is to go through the necessary channels for a start, that means the complaints channels also. If you have already done this then this is fine. I assuming that you have done all the necessary checks such as plugging into the test socket (if you have one) and checking noise on the line. I think your best bet now is to start collating evidence of your speeds on a daily basis monitoring at various times of the day whether it drops or increases and by how much. When I was working on the fibre trial initially, they were initially providing fibre services to customers who were able to support at least a minimum of 15mb DL speeds on the line and believe this is still the same requirements? You note that your speeds are dropping as low as 2mb on occasions - how are you checking this information out? speed test? I don't quite get the two engineers hanging around waiting for BT? aren't those the engineers BT sent themselves to you? Usually when a line test is done, there are certain codes that come back as to where the test fails and where the fault might occur. For example, one fault code may mean that the fault lies within the house and therefore an engineer may be required to visit and charges may apply if fault found in your house. Other codes mean that the fault may lie elsewhere such as the ties at the exchange may need replacing or something loose at the cabinet. All in all the advisor should be able to give you an indication as to what the fault test is showing and tell you whether an engineer is actually required to your premises or not - which can be useful especially when your having to take a day off work. To me, since FTTC has been installed, it doubt the problem is coming from the cabinet to the exchange although it is possible. My instincts tell me that the fault could possibly lie between your house and the cabinet and could be several reasons. First and foremost is the age of the cable in which it has deteriorated over the years and therefore affecting the internet and causing noise. other reasons could be damage to the line itself especially in overhead cables. I think the only possible solution to resolve this would be to have a new line fitted from the house to the cabinet - I have seen this happen before when I have been dealing with customers and also I have had this done myself when I had my internet with BT so I can talk from personal experience. BT will only action this sort of thing if everything else has been tried and tested and this is where the collation of evidence comes in. You will ideally need to produce evidence to BT so that they are backed into a corner and have no other possible options. one program that allows you to record noise on the line is this http://www.vwlowen.co.uk/internet/files.htm - I do know it works with the homehubs but im not so sure it will work with the new fibre hub but worth a shot. there are other programs available but I cannot name them to hand. In terms of suing and compensation - I don't have anything off hand right now but I would be expecting some compensation as well as a permanent fix as mentioned above with the issues you have had over the last 8 years.
  6. I never siad that there were no cash services, there were two machines to the left as you walk into sheffield - one accepting cash and card and the other card only. The cash and card machine flashing yellow indicating it was only accepting card payments. please bear in mind this was at peak times and the queues can tend to get really long everyday and at that time there were not many ticket windows that were open. What I was mainly disputing is that I was given permission to board the train and so did not breach any conditions of the Byelaw. Also, if you ask someone who works there then you would expect to be given the right information and advice - If i was required to have a ticket prior to being on the train then I would expect to be told that and maybe things would have gone down a different route nevertheless it has happened and nothing I can do about it.
  7. You are quite right locutus in that small or large there will always be complaints and the bigger providers will of course have many more complaints however, for me it is how that provider goes about solving your complaint / issue and also how long it takes to resolve. Be Broadband have an excellent technical support team and they will always get back to you 99% within the same day. Their technical advisor are far far more knowledgeable than any of the other providers I have either worked for or had internet supplied from. Again, they also have a forum in which their users frequently post on there and if you don't get a quick enough response from the tech team you can always post on there and your problems are likely to be resolved swiftly. If money isn't an issue and you want a great quality of service then Be broadband is provider I would go for if they are in the area. Everything that you do on the internet is classed as bandwidth (usage) depending on what you are doing depends on how quickly that bandwidth is taken up. Gaming is one of the major areas that catch people out as it does take up alot of bandwidth when playing games online through consoles or even those facebook games you can play. Playing on large player servers means that bandwidth will be used quickly as you have to send / receive information to each player. Anything that requires constant streaming or requires constant data updates then this as locutus explains will sap the usage more quickly. there are plenty of usage calculators out there and it may be wise to use that to get an idea of how much usage will be used per month. broadband.org/usage_calculator is an example and also recommends providers based on the usage.
  8. Well, before I moved to uni i was with BE (who were bought out by O2 a few years ago although they are operating separately). I must say they are probably the best providers I have had. They have a smaller customer base than most other providers however there support is second to none with a ticket service to report problems as opposed to calling up and also a forum with very technical people on there who can also help out. All of their packages are unlimited usage and this is truly unlimited no traffic shaping or anything. The prices start from £17 for 12mb down / 1.3up. I know you say you don't download anything but you have specified apart from poker what you actually use the internet for or if anyone else uses the internet. It is all well saying you don't download but if other people in the house do or play games online then it would be pointless recommending a limited usage package. What I will say is cheapest isn't always best and my personal opinion is that I would stay away from the major providers (talktalk / BT / Orange etc.) although I have heard virgin are good i just don't like them. You will hear people have both bad and good experiences with providers so its luck of the draw really but I would do some research first before jumping into a contract.
  9. Ian Livingston will not read your complain, it will simply be read by his PA and I doubt there would be anything done about it from his side. How have you actually complained? Where have you sent your letter to? I will see if i can find a specific claims against BT number for you, however I don't think there is.
  10. Is is me or am I the only one who has no issues with orange?! I used to work for Orange in sales before leaving for uni last year so I may be able to provide some advice although I still have some contacts in Orange I could ask around. As I was leaving Orange, this was the time where they were downgrading all 'unlimited packages' to 500mb / 750mb with the exception of the Panther plan which was the only plan that is truly unlimited as far as I recall although this seems to have changed looking at the plans now. I do remember that people who had wanted to buy micro-sim cards or upgrade to an Iphone plan needed to pay an extra £10 and I believe it was specifically for the internet bundle but this was only for customers who were not on an Iphone plan. For example, someone who was on a Panther plan and bought themselves an Iphone would need to pay £10 in order to receive the internet as the Iphone plans are separate to standard plans. All Iphone plans on Orange are the same regardless of whether you have an Iphone 3G / 3GS / 4. So if you requested a micro-sim and were told to pay extra, sounds like they were trying to swindle you in order to hit their targets. I used to get alot of complaints regarding internet usage on the phone, and there is an option for them to send you a message when you hit 50%, 75% and 90% of your internet usage. However, when I worked there, it wasn't automatically added, we would need to manually add it to your account and I would always recommend it. It usually came in the form of a text message This has always been a bit of a grey area for me and to be honest, I have never understood it properly. Yes you should only be capped at £1 per day subject to fair usage of 25mb but I had never seen any person's internet to stop once they reach their daily 25mb limit which only brings me to the conclusion that you may be charged £1 per 25mb of internet used? Looking at the terms and conditions literally, as you say, you should not pay more than £1 per day and be allowed 25mb. What I would say is, if you can, download and install the orange 'my account' app (they have one for android) and register your details, it syncs up with your account and you can then track how much usage of your internet your using on a daily basis and at what times.
  11. My intention is always to buy a ticket where possible, I put this down to an unfortunate incident. I am sure I can keep a low profile for the next 7 years .. hopefully
  12. I see, not that it bothers me I settled out of court at a relatively cheap cost and will have no conviction or record which will not affect me in the future. Lesson learnt though, should this incident ever happen again , I now know to get some form of written statement before boarding
  13. Called up this morning, offered to settle out of court to to which they agreed to - took card details receipt will be sent out total costs £87 which was less than I expected but nevertheless it is a result. She did say however that she would keep my name on file for 7 years in accordance with the law, although didn't say why.
  14. Well, I didn't turn it down I just offered to pay a lesser amount that I thought was reasonable. I wasn't denying out-right to pay any charges at all. However, now that I know that this will affect my future career, I am going to have to settle for paying a higher amount than I anticipated if this is the case, but I am unsure as to how I put this in writing
  15. Ok, well I think I have heard enough to realise that it is not worth pursuing and although I believe I am innocent this is going to be too hard to prove in court. Now my only step is to try and write a letter and see if the prosecution department are willing to settle out of court If I am convicted I am seriously worried this could land me in trouble with the SRA in the future and I do not want this to happen. Any suggestions as to what I should write and try and persuade them in settling out of court? Thanks
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