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  1. Hi all was wondering if any one could help? I recently stumbled across a letter written to me from the CEO of the company telling me I was due to have a £1000 raise as part of our company being taken over by a larger company. Having had a look at the letter it was dated on the 21st of December 2015 and my wage was supposed to go up on the 1st of January 2016. This of course is not the case and the reason why I am writing. It was by sheer luck that I managed to find the letter as it was in the managers back office near the bin area, I found the letter in a sealed envelope whilst i w
  2. I called head office to see where HR is situated and found that it was based in the hotel that I worked. I called the hotel to inquire about my reference because i wanted to know exactly what they were saying about me. At the moment that i called it seemed that the person in HR was on the phone but was assured that my name and contact details were handed over as soon as I got off the phone. I haven't heard a thing back since this morning and now am convinced that they are definitely ignoring my calls and any other form of contact. Do you think it would be advisable to seek legal advise now tha
  3. thats true however are they obliged to have to respond to that letter?
  4. I'm fully aware its irrelevant that the GM has left, im pretty sure they are using that as an excuse because they can clearly see that they have let me go under false pretenses. The annoying thing is they are now ignoring me I can't step into the hotel as in line with there policy they have banned me from the premises.
  5. thank you i edited the details of the company the last thing i want is to get anyone else in trouble. I suppose your right but I am now stuck trying to see if i could at least get an unbiased reference. all my hard work there accounts for nothing because of a false accusation and by the sounds of it this could take a lot of time to get resolved hopefully they will listen to my solicitor if not me.
  6. further more do you think it would be a good idea for me to try to get in contact with my former GM to explain the situation and see if he would be willing to give me an unbiased reference as he is no longer with the company?
  7. I have contacted the HR department via email as well as explained the situation to the new manager via email but have not received any sort of correspondence back it seems like they are turning a blind eye to my appeal.
  8. Ive unfortunately lost it as I was granted an appeal I wasn't expecting the GM's untimely departure theres evidence that I do have an appeal via email however the hotel is no longer corresponding with me at all.
  9. I do not know because i never thought to ask the question, problem im facing is getting an appeal I was entitled to one and I in fact wrote via special delivery an appeal letter to which it was granted from my former GM. Problem is he never handed down the appeal to anyone else in the company and the company has no proof that I lodged for an appeal. I was given 28 days from time of the disciplinary and the GM left soon after.
  10. silly thing is that there was a cctv camera directly above the table this money was on but at the time of the incident the cameras were off they are never usually turned off.
  11. I know it's £10 because that is the sum stated in the witness statement I never saw the money I don't believe it even existed I wasn't in the restaurant at the time the incident occurred. The guests paid for there meal by card they were the only people left in the restaurant I went to the kitchen to start cleaning down , the problem with that is there were no witnesses present to actually account the fact that I was there at the time. I cant dispute that money may or may not have been there just cause I didn't see it doesn't mean it wasn't there but I am sure I haven't taken it and they cant r
  12. sorry in the reply to your post it is the sum of £10 no criminal charges were pressed against me I was just dismissed
  13. right i guess thats one way of putting it do you think I would be better off being economical with the truth? I do believe that my ex company can say I was dismissed but surely can't say anything more than that as it would be defamation of character and slander would it not? As well as that I have half the mind to take them to court for criminal libel there evidence is so weak as the person who wrote the statement doesn't even exist within the company anymore.
  14. but thats the thing without going into too much detail how would I word it to a prospective employer as soon as the word theft is mentioned any credibility of good character building is diminished. Would you employ me if i was being accused of theft?
  15. no i don't believe that the customer is aware of the policy at all. It sounds silly I know I'm being accused of stealing from the company even though it was a gratuity in the first place, and i got terminated on a suspicion with no real evidence and they haven't given me an appeal even though I have the right to one and they received it in writing.
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