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  1. Hi Big Red Bus, Madari, Thanks for both your replies. How about I mention the upset caused in my witness statement? I'll be leaving a figure out of the schedule (as I can't quantify it in any case), but I will have recorded the fact that I have suffered as a result of my ex-employers words / actions. I'd be grateful of any advice. Thank you in advance. regards, Rebecca
  2. So, sorry, Bigredbus, but to be clear, should I leave it off the SoL and just stick to my actual financial loss? And, the matter of injury to feelings, I should bring up at the Hearing? Thanks in advance, Rebecca
  3. Hi Bigredbus, Thanks for your note. I've not submitted the SoL yet. Should I leave it off then? Presumably the Judge, if he sees fit, will award compensation for injured feelings? I don't need to make a point of it? Regards, Rebecca
  4. Hello, I am claiming discrimination. How do I put a figure on it? I've mathematically set out all my other losses, loss of employment rights, etc. Or, would you leave it off the schedule of loss altogether? Thanks, Rebecca
  5. Hi there, I need to submit a schedule of loss to the respondent by 17/06/11. Can I include injury to feelings? Thank you kindly!
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