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  1. Hi Tingy, Thanks for that we would be very interested in doing our own DMP with yours and others help,as at the moment we would not hava clue how to do it,another fly in the ointment which i forgot to mention was the mortgage we have at the moment is a interest only one with Acenden and expires in September 2016 and they wont length the term.



  2. Hi Tingy. Thanks for reply,i used the word "think" because i have been activally trying to re-mortgage but it looks a no- goer, as got into this position with 4 c.cs. and a persoal loan to a total of £32k and the even darker side of this problem my wife as tried to over-dose twice, so we doo need help,i have tried the CAB and thet are as much use as a bucket on the titanic.


  3. Think my wife and i need to go into DMP the trouble is which one do you go for none-fee paying ones or fee-paying ones heard bad points about both,we have got substantial debts,we have very good equity in the bungalow just over £100k but cannot get a re-mortgage because of the ages of both of us [66] to release the equity,any help would be most appreciated.


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