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  1. oh no it wasnt that easy ,i had my tribunal which took altogether 1 year and 2 reschedules due to problems with the judges and conflict of interest and i was to unwell so my WRA decided to ask for a paper hearing without me there and luckily i won but they put me in the worng group as with most i got put in the WRAG group which is a joke when im bed ridden most of mty time so then i began a 4 month appeal against the group i was in and it was at this point myslef my carer and my friends put toegtehr this very long letter with all my prescription copies and i had letters from my GP to as i was
  2. I wrote a letter to the DWP ESA team and started the letter dear sir/madam from ESA and then throughout the letter i outklined my illnesses, the meds im on because of the illnessess, the symptoms from the illnesses and the side effects i get from the meds i take and then i went on to write a paragraph in depth of what its liek for me on a daily basis.....this letter turned out to be 4 pages long and by god it did the job!!!!!!! so i would advise that if you cant get a letter from a GP if you put a letter together as i did and then also attach a few photocopies of recent prescriptions or if you
  3. GO TO CITIZENS ADVICE GET A WELFARE RIGHTS ADVISOR ASAP then get as much supporting docs from GP hosiptal consultants and also copies of any prescriptions you get I failed with 0 points as do most people but then if you are genuine you fight it....im not going to lie its a liong process and can be very stressful and tiresome but your welfare rights advisor will help you loads.....my appeal took 1 year and 4 months and im know in the support group of ESA which i guess is the equivialnt to being on IB and signed off indefinately but i will warn you the new ESA syustem is like a merry go ro
  4. This is ridiculous my health is declininga nd i require care through the day and night and am waiting for my consultant to write to the DLA as theyve asked for further information but if i loose my appeal to get a higher rate then as of october the new home i moved into to help me more comfortable whilst im unwell i will loose it as im only 26 im only eligible for the shared room rate which means sharing a house which isnt an option for me due to my health its ridiculous why have they done this? Do you have to get the sever disability premium or misddle higher rate DLA to qualify for HB
  5. Wat the hell thats a joke the maximum ive been told i would have to pay is £!5 but i never had to as my old GP before i moved to a nicer better quality home and had to change GPsd now they say any letters are £10 per letter its a joke they shouldnt charge you to write a letter maybe go to your GP and expain that you only get a bit more than 45 a week to lkive on and that that fee is ridiculous and unfair im sure the GP will understand its usually the practice maanger that applies the fees so maybe your GP weillwrite you a letter while your in an appointment with them and youcaqn send copies...
  6. they did this with me in december 2011 and by january 2012 they had decided i should be in the support group with my case reviewal due in 2 months which seems to contridict the poiint of being placed in the support group but suppose its the ESA merrygo round my welfare rights advised me of just keep with it get as much supporting evidence letters from GPS etc and also copies of prescriptions if you have a lot of meds good luck with the appeal hope u win keep fighting the DWP......the sick and disabled shouldnt have to pay for the mistakes of governemnt and the thousands of fit people scroung
  7. they diod this to me with DLA appeal it i did and i won im just currently battling to get a higher rate as my healths getting worse but found out last week theyve had to write to a consultant for advise lets hope my consultant knows enough about my daily needs as i only get 15 mins app with her each month its ajoke but appeal it and then when u appeal the ESA and win it they will probably give you DLA they did that with me good luck anyways dont let them get u down!
  8. I am pleased to say that after a year and 3 months im finally in the support group......i got put in WRAg BUT AFTER WRITING WITH THE HELP OF MY CARER A 4 PAGE LETTER OUTLINING IN GREAT DEPTH MY ILLNESSES SYMPTOMS DAILY PROBLEMS AND THE DIBILITATING EFFECTS OF MEDS I HAVE TO TAKE TO KEEP ME ALIVE AND AFTER FIGHTING THE dwp HARD FOR AOVER A YEAR AND GETTING MORE ILL DUE TO THE STRESS AND UNCERTAINTY IVE WON . apologise for capslock but now just to let you all knowe there is hope things to remember in an appeal gety supporting documents from GPS Consultants at hospital and copies of prescr
  9. Hi i hope you get things sorted i was in the same position after battling a year with them to help me while im unwell ive always worked and then when i needed the help they failed me but i won as does most people who have hobnest ligitimat problems response top your post i appealed the group o was in got my friend / carer to help me write a 4 page letter outlining my meds, the effects they have on me as they are more debuilitating than my illnesses got a supporting letter from myGP and then after 3 months of appealing and endless chats with the luimited capaibility teamwho decide which gr
  10. I've been found fit for work and put in the work group for ESA. It does not bother me...! By the way you can appeal this decision contact your local CAB or benefits advisor and they will assist you with your appeal.....they will hep you collect supporting medical evidence from consultants etc and psychiatrists etc and then they will put it to the DWP DM who wil decide if they decide against changing your group you can go to the tribunal service and take the matter to the court of law and if your days are that bad you shiould defintely dfo this its worth a shot and they will continue to
  11. oh yes definately im not sure on the figures exactly but my psychiatrost told me its more of a genetic disorder thats usually triggered off by certain life effects and that there are many fortunate people whio have the genes passed down from there parents and family but as they dont have any distressing situations in there lives hey are ever triggered thus not causing any problems n all i can say to them people is lucky them and i hope they continue that way becuase i wouldnt wish manic depression bi polar or any other genetic mental health problem on anywone......im not sure about IB i have w
  12. if i were you id contact the citizens advice burou sounds like you wil be eligible for ESA but a welfare rights worker will help you fill out the forms get the evidence fro counsilor/GP/consultants etc and if you have to appeal they will heklp with this alos! Also the jobcentre wont tell you if you are claiming the wrong benefit youve been very lucky they told you you may be eligible for ESA and if they say you are you most certainly will but it can be a long and very stressful process as the company employed to do the medicals have been told to be extra stringent so dont be surpirsed if the
  13. Oh and also during assesment ophae whichs the beggining of the clim to week 14 you get paid a fix rate of £65 same as your JSA then after week 14 you get an extra component either WRAG whichs £26.50 a week or support group whichs £32 but due to the whiole process you may not get the proper rate until maybe a year or so down the line if you ahve to appeal. But you will definately get the assesmnet rate and also housing benefits if thats applicable to your circumstances so dont panic you should be fine all the best adn if you need mor infor check out HB's stickies at the front page of benefits a
  14. If you have a sickness or long term disablity or ill health problem you should be eligible for ESDA however i will point out its mainly for those who us who are unfortunate enough to have a long term illness and or disablity.....do you attned hospital clinics and have specialist consultants/doctors/psychiatrists etc? sorry for the intrusive quiestons but im trying to understanmd why you are applying for ESA......you will get help with mortgage its the same as JSA but when you have had the miedical you are put in a group either WRAG or support group butt this is way down the line form now....to
  15. Pople who suffer with depression, bi polar dissorder and such have genetic dissorders.....as if you read about it its genetic so i dont understanmd what this has to do with you not been caled to assessments tha seems a little unfair unless your gentic dissorder is that of a dibilatating one to the point you cant walk or move around which i hope isnt the case because that would be awful?!
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