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  1. Thanks so much for the confirmation of my thoughts! As for the gutters, I understand the previous thread questioning if it could perhaps be a tenant's responsibility. The gutters to which he is refering are quite high, completely inaccessable by ladder. As for the rest of the property, I took very good care of it and left it hoovered, dusted, mopped, etc. I actually left it cleaner than it was when I moved in. The landlord spoke with our housing office here on base and alluded to the damp being caused by the gutters or another pipe leaking, therefore not condensation. I ensured the property wa
  2. I finally got an invoice for the work carried out, for which I'm supposedly liable. It doesn't look right at all. The walls that were repaired were annotated on the move-in inspection as being rough and flaking paint and I most certainly don't think I'm responsible for cleaning and repairing gutters. Please let me know what you guys think. The claim was filed on Friday so now I just need to make sure I have solid references saying he's responsible and not myself. Here's the invoice: 1. To clean right hand kitchen wall, make good and decorate. 2. To decorate ceiling only to hallway
  3. So we've had a new revelation in the situation. The housing authority was able to speak with the landlord and he said if there was a dispute he would "enroll the deposit and go through ADR". Quite interesting that he would choose those words, implying it was not already enrolled, since he swore up and down to me not one day earlier that it was enrolled with MyDeposits. Of course the scheme assured me it was not ever protected with them several times both before and after the landlord's statement. I filed my petition in court on Friday so I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Eve
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice. The links have been extremely helpful and have given me sufficient justification to go forward with legal procedings. As I am suing only for the return of my deposit I will be filing in small claims court on my own. Let us all hope it doesn't come to that but keep your fingers crossed for me in case it does. Also, any more advice is always appreciated. Thanks again to the great words of advice!
  5. The housing authority called my landlord's office but was told by his secretary that he was gone until Monday. She has been informed of the situation and the possibility of legal action so I assume she is lodging the deposit for him. I'm hoping we can then go through the ADR process and I can at least recover the remainder of my deposit. I've contacted a solicitor but she sounds quite hesitant, stating the cost would probably outweigh the reward, so I have very little faith at this point. If anyone knows a good solicitor willing to look out for the little guy in or near Suffolk let me know. I
  6. Here's the whole, complicated, story. I moved into a property in March '09. My move-in inventory annotated chipping paint and faded carpet in the second bedroom. I never received information from the DPS with whom my landlord was contractually obligated to enroll my 1,425.00 pound deposit. As I was new to the country and we don't have this law in America I didn't know anything was wrong. Fast forward two years. I notified my landlord in October '10 that I would be moving out in March '11, plenty of notice. 31 Jan '11, I moved some furniture to find more chipping paing and immediately emailed
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