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  1. hi, I have brought my nissan to the dealer today. Well...they were quite reluctant to do repair, but finally they agreed to do so. The car was taken to garage who co-operates with them and should be ready for tomorrow...so lets see quality work thanks
  2. hi, The car fail MOT due to 'Malfunction indicator', they diagnosed the fault, changed 2 fuses and erased engine management light...let see what happens. Thanks for advice.
  3. Thanks for that! This is what I was thinking of myself. I'm going to visit them this morning...thanks.
  4. I bought a car last Saturday from car dealer with 3 months warranty from A1 Approved Ltd. During the test drive and inspection I learned that car didn't have MOT and there was engine 'Malfunction indicator' flashing. Because the car supposed to have MOT - according to advert, dealer did it for me on the same day. When the car came back from the garage with new MOT also 'Malfunction indicator' was not flashing anymore. Dealer said there was some problem with MOT, the car fail to pass it due to small problems, but they fixed that and car went through with no more problems. Now, yesterday my car started to misfiring and 'Malfunction indicator' went off again today. What shall I do now? Come back to the dealer and request fixing the problem under sale of goods act (as some posts recommended) or check the car in garage and call A1 Approved for warranty repair? thanks for help!
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