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  1. Many thanks for your response Ian. I'd be quite happy installing new or extra fans if it were possible, but the trouble is, this is an all-in-one PC (was going to post an image but my postcount isn't sufficient to allow me to - if you google Acer AZ5610 you will be able to see what I mean). As you can see, my problem is that there is no room to install any extra hardware and even cleaning the existing fan involves removing several layers of components to be able to reach it. I'm fully aware that I should've taken this problem into consideration when I bought the PC in the first place but I'm afraid I fell in love with its looks and the thought of the extra space I would have on my desktop and I just assumed that any possible heat problems would've been dealt with in the design stage of the computer. Acer have agreed to take it back into the workshop to have a look at it (warranty runs until August) but I fear all they will do is clean it and it'll pass all their workshop tests and then I'll have a working computer again at least until the dust builds up again - by which time my warranty will have run out and I'll then be stuck with a severely disabled one. I just feel it's so unfair after I paid out so much for it (£850). It is perfect for me in every other way. I'm sure I can't be the only person experiencing this type of problem with an all-in-one
  2. In August 2010 I bought an Acer AZ5610 all-in-one computer from Dixons. After about six months, I noticed that it was running hot, 60°C at idle and rising to over 80°C with heavier use, causing it to reset on many occasions. I contacted Acer who took the computer into their workshop and the fans were cleaned which reduced the running temperatures to 40-45°C at idle and up to 60°C with moderate use. However, I've now noticed that the temperature is creeping back up to the same levels as they were before it was cleaned. As it is an all-in-one desktop, I realise that space is tight inside the case, but I would've thought allowances for heat problems would've been made at the design stage. It is kept on top of a desk in a not too dusty room and has adequate airflow around it. I'm at a loss to know how I can do any more to keep it clean and dust-free. I have looked at the service manual, and it appears that in order to reach the processor and fan to clean it myself, I would need to remove several layers of components, not just the backplate. Definitely not a trivial job and not one I would be confident doing myself. I have since read up about this processor and apparently it is known to run hot which indicates to me that it probably wasn't the best choice to use in an all-in-one PC where space is tight. Naturally, I'm very angry that I paid nearly £850 for a PC which, at the time of purchase (just 9 months ago), I considered to be at the high end of the market. It now seems I'm unable to use it to its full capacity as watching TV, playing blu-ray discs, editing photos or videos etc, causes it to overheat to such a level that it either shuts down or I risk causing permanent damage to the motherboard. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, it isn't fit for its purpose. I am wondering whether I have the legal right to reject this computer as it seems that unless it is regularly cleaned inside (every 3 months or so), the same problem is going to occur again and again and again and with only 3 months left on the warranty, this is a very daunting prospect for me. I would be very grateful for any advice you may be able to give me as to my rights in this matter. Thank you.
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