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  1. Hiya zez, i dont think they will be giving you anything back, but you sure can have a go!
  2. Hiya i am still receiving threatening emails! Do i still continue to ignore??? Thank you for your help x
  3. Hiya all, today i recieved a email stating the following Dear xxxxxx We hereby inform you that Mercantile Recovery Solutions Ltd. have been instructed to collect the above account. Despite our client attempting to contact you using all means available to them, including all the information provided in your credit application they have, to date, been unable to reach an amicable solution of repayment with you. We must now make it clear that we are in the process of instructing our solicitors to issue a claim against you in your local court. We are fully confident that such claim will be successful as we are unaware of any legitimate legal reason for non-payment of the debt and again we should make our intentions clear that upon successful award of the claim we will look to enforce the debt by way of an earnings arrestment. As part of your application process you provided your bank account number, sort code, pay date and employer details – all of this information will be utilised to seek immediate repayment of the sum outstanding. Please be aware that your employer will be notified of this order if necessary. Whilst we do not wish to burden you with further costs, (all legally recoverable fees will be added to your outstanding balance) your lack of cooperation thus far leaves us with no viable alternative. Should you wish to avoid this course of action we would recommend you contact our pre-litigation collections department on 01563 598 612 before 3pm on the 31st December 2012. Failure to respond to this notice will only lead to immediate court action being undertaken. i have not recieved any letters or emails from payday express or these lot! i tried contacting payday express as i was in a payment plan and i asked for my account details which they did not provide and i didnt hear from them, i was unable to keep up with the repayments. Tried informing them but still no reply, where does it go from here what do i do????? any help much appriated! thankyou
  4. By the way the letter is from Halifax retail fraud??? I haven't don't any fraud!
  5. Hiya, I have recieved a letter today saying that Halifax have reviewed my account and that they need to close it down. It says they will be closing it down in two months time and if I owe on it (which I do) I will have to go in the bank and sort something out. I want to write a letter for a repayment plan do you think they will except it? And will I have to fill out a income and expenditure form? Anyone have any ideas please x thankyou
  6. just a update!!! i have made many complaints about this company!!! but today i recieved a letter from DERS a final notice of intent!! also in the letter it mentions if i dont payup in 7 days they will seize my wages etc!!! i dont understand why they dont get the message that im not paying anymore then i already have!!!! Anyone have any ideas please??? xx
  7. ok, thankyou very much or your reply... Will do that!..
  8. until when???? Do i just completely ignore them...Thankyou for your help x
  9. hiya a update on my account... i recieved a letter from fredricksons a couple of weeks account which said my account has been passed back to minicredit... and today i recieved a letter from OPOS, who are now asking me to pay up etc Anyone heard of them???? any iddeas on what to do next please.... thankyou
  10. ok, thankyou asmilecostsnothing.... do i still keep making payments too??? x
  11. hiya bombaymix and thanks for your advice.....Are u still paying 80 pounds per month?....if you are you should stop!!! thats enough as itis already! xx
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