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  1. That's great. Thanks again, Cityboy. It's good of you to response so quickly and helpfully.
  2. Thanks Cityboy62, I feared that might be the case. I'll follow the route you suggest and see where it gets me. Is there anywhere in particular online that I should go to get more detail and the right language for a Notice before Action? Unfortunately, that flightmole forum is not accessible to me.
  3. Hello everyone, irst post on here so please bear with me. I'm in the process of trying to claim compensation from EasyJet for a cancelled flight. I've written to them with details of the flight and and they have accepted that the flight was indeed cancelled but are falling back on the extraordinary circumstances excuse. The customer services rep that emailed me said "It is regrettable that your flight was cancelled and our records indicate that the reason for the cancellation was technical issues. We believe that this was an extraordinary circumstance and beyond our control." So,
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