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  1. Just a quick update: I spoke with an exceptionally helpful chap at NDL. He advised me to check the original claim form for comment about interest. As far as I can see, whilst they have made a claim for interest, in both cases it states they wish to claim interest from the date of the claim until the date of judgement. Does that literally mean the date the CCJ is issued? There is nothing in reference to interest beyond this. He also stated that as far as NDL are aware, there is no scope for adding additional charges ( eg the £35 they are charging each month for payment arrears) Sx
  2. It will most definitely take priority on my 'to do' list Sx
  3. Aye... I had thought about that, I think I'm just afraid of unsettling the creditors ( most of whom have actually been accommodating) if there were any glitches in the transfer. Sx
  4. Thank you dx and Citizenb.... I did ask payplan for advice and to be honest, although they have been great at getting the plan up and running, the response I've had to these kind of queries has missed the point completely.. eg in relation to late payment charges they suggest I just pay them on a different date, and in relation to the interest, they suggest I just write and ask them to stop interest. I will contact the court for clarification, and ask Ocean to justify the charges. At the current rate, it'll take me 50 years to clear the debt
  5. Brillant ( if a bit mindblowing ! ) I shall try and engage my brain and study that. (I'm also trying to fill in divorce papers at the moment... Never rains but it pours eh? ) Sx
  6. Thank you for the link... it says it is an invalid blog? Do you have another link please? Sx
  7. Thank you. I just read the Judgement which says it is ordered that the defendant pay the claimant the outstanding sum in installments of £138.89 for every month. Below that there is a note with says "Where judgement is entered for more than £5000 or includes a sum in respect of contractual or late payment interest, the claimant may be entitled to further interest".... I'd never really noticed that bit before ( my head is normally stuck under a sand dune)... so I guess they can)
  8. Thank you! As mentioned, I remember reading that they couldn't charge interest if it was not on the Judgement, but, the chap at Payplan says they can do if they want to.... it's a bit of a minefield! I appreciate your help Sx
  9. Hi there, thank you for the reply... as far as I can tell, there is nothing mentioning interest charges on the Judgement, just the amount of the debt. I asked my Debt Manager ( I'm with Payplan) and he sad that they could add interest if they wanted to. They are also adding a £35 arrears fee each month. Sx PS, I have claimed back the PPI that I could.. and other than this creditor, nobody else appears to be adding unreasonable charges.
  10. Hello! I've been on a DMP for just over a year, and it's gone pretty smoothly really, but I received a yearly statement from one of my creditors which has made me go ( they are the only one who took me to court and gained a CCJ... during which time you guys were amazing with your advice, so thank you again! ) Basically, the debt is £5500 to this creditor, and I pay £138 a month. So, I've paid a little over £1600 over the year, but, with interest charges and arrears charges, the amount I have actually paid off over the year is less than £100! Does anyone have any idea as to what would be the best way to approach them to ask them to reconsider the excessive charges? The standard letters on my DMP site just don't seem adequate. ( for completion, my overall debt is now around £19000 and I pay £650 a month to my DMP) Thank you very much! Sx
  11. Yes, I think that is a good plan, it would be crazy to jeopardise the CCJ and miss any payment dates because of 3rd party delays. Once again, great advice from CAG Thanks very much Andy and Jogs Sx
  12. Hi The Variation order (dated 22nd June) states that the first payment must be made by 22nd July. On my Payplan payment page it shows that a payment was made to the claimant on 23rd of June, and there is another payment currently clearing (from the 7th July) Would this suggest that they should return the late payment fee ( and not charge anymore) and stop the interest ( about £66 pm) ? Sx
  13. I've just checked the CCJ, it says : It is ordered that you pay the claimant £5840.28 for debt ( and interest to date of judgement) and £375 for costs. You must pay the claimant the total of £6215.28 forthwith I subsequently got the variation order Sx
  14. Thanks for the advice... I've only got the variation order in front of me, I'll check to see what the original CCJ says about interest and charges. Much appreciated! Sx
  15. Hi ( that was a very swift response!) The CCJ amount was for £6100. I applied for a variation order, and it states I need to pay £138.89 per month ( which I do , via the DMP I have a feeling that because it is over £5000 that they can continue to charge? Sx
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