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  1. Tickets where for march last year :/ and ive got these letters now?
  2. Well my fight is on going.. Ive ignored these people in the past. Now Ive received a new letter from Trethowans LLP solicitors??? Should I ignore aswell?
  3. if thats so. what stops these 3rd party debt collection companys from actually trying to send someone round to collect a debt ( that we dont owe) or do these people know where they stand? in regards to the law and the debt is unenforceable?
  4. sorry. are priemer park associated in any way to DRP or Zenith collections.. Or do they actually pass info onto other people?
  5. Its abit wrong that they try and do this.... Are these companys still park on PCC ? or they just serve these people?
  6. I see. Just got my old letters out and there are the same numbers
  7. Im sorry what does this mean? DRP? so nothing to worry about?
  8. Well just recieved my next batch of letter from Zenith collections... Should I ignore these letters aswell? are they an actual company?
  9. Ive got updated letters today with Letters saying ( INTENT OF LITIGATION ) whatever this means
  10. Need abit more assurance. Not heard from these clowns for awhile and now recieved 3 of the same letters for 3 different tickets. from Debt Recovery Plus ltd... And info on these guys
  11. Dont worry. Ive got ticked by these people for parking in my own space. Im now 5months down the line with only a letter wanting the details of the driver.. just ignore.
  12. well ill keep people informed and update with pictures of any other letters I recieve
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