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  1. For 2yrs and 5months have been getting calls from SWEL and 3 DCAs trying to recover circa £1200. for some sort of service to a property in Portsmouth. Tracing by SWEL, EOS Solutions UK Plc, UK Search Ltd, and Ruthbridge Ltd. My wife was unlucky to marry into the same Mrs Firstname Lastname as a Miss Firstname Lastname (I believe a widow) and from what I can deduce same DoB. SWEL was notified by email and replied that they would remove our address from the account. There should therefore have been no need to respond when DCAs sent bills, as SWEL will have provided them with c
  2. Recommend you ge phone provider to turn off anonymous calls, - I get lots of attempted calls from them most CLI witheld, but sometimes they change to a spoofed CLI number such as 0112241410 (non existant); or 0012102490540 (probably non existant). The first is a digit short of a phone nr format but 112 is reserved for emergency services. I don' answer these calls and have blocked them; The frequency of calls (several per minute chain dialed) and of the change to a CLI in the same sequence means I must assume it is them. They are in our case chasing a debt belonging to annother; but UK
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