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  1. it is apeal tribunal not court. i did say we live together but he stays only at nights, all his clothing is at his dad place, and all his post goes there. we share expenses for flat, though.
  2. when i was asked to speak to fraud officer i was told at the start of conversation, my partner's dad has already told them he leives with me. i thought it'll be right thing to confirm it. i was not cautioned and witness statement it's all they have from me. fraud officer actually lied to me and my partner's dad hasn't said he lives with me. we do share a flat and expenses but i'd not say it's as wife and husband living together. i'd like to help him out but don't really want any problems
  3. hi, i have a question regarding witness statement i agev to DWp fraud investigator. i said in it my boyfriend has been living with me when he was claiming JSA as at the beginning of ' chat' with fraud officer i aws told my boyfriends dad already confirmed he lives with me. i thought i did right to confirm his adress but problem is he 's now being called to tribunal hearing and they want to use my statement against him. can i go to TribunaL and say my statement was obtained under false pretense? or will i get myself in trouble? many thanks for ANY HELP
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