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  1. now this too. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1106382/Europe-plunged-energy-crisis-Russia-cuts-gas-supply-Ukraine.html
  2. its surprising they ever sent these out at all,they aren't keen on appeals. as the systems designed to do,the emphasis is on you to keep the ball rolling.good advice above. concentrate to on how it affects daily life.
  3. well the sheet wp01ma4 issued by the job centre does state that "be treated politely,fairly and considerately" there has been several reports of strange comments made by these organisations and the one side of this paperwork refers to "sanction" twelve times.the emphasis is on therefore is on sanctions,making highly personal comments is one way of removing people easily. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/jobs/8566799/Work-Programme-The-same-old-same-old.html the complaints procedure is designed to be time scaled long winded as to defuse situations,you can appeal and have
  4. it may mean called over in the job centre,you need to complain and point out you intend to appeal.you were given no warning that your money had stopped and you have a child to support and no consideration appears to have been given.you have been job searching,and seeing your gp.also you have been treated unfairly.
  5. they are supposed to tell you but they clam up at that point and trying to get information is difficult patchy and time consuming.the worrying thing here again someone with anxiety and depression and being sanctioned.as you have these illnesses under the gp then there is grounds to appeal.
  6. you need to get to apply for a crisis loan straight away,and see if you can access a food bank.also contact the cab and write to your mp.you cannot afford to take this lightly.appeal also stating your health problems too.follow the advice above which is good too. the whole key to this is apply for anything and to keep to a reasonably set out jobseekers agreement,keeping a record of what you have done.to stay organised do what i did write out monday-friday the steps you perform each day spread over the week on a notepad then copy them over to your job log as you go.depending on the job vi
  7. i was under the impression they were paid a £400 pounds upfront. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/the-work-programme.pdf although the bulk of the fees were made when sustained employment was found around six months.
  8. the dictaphone looks out of stock and has some poor reviews. a dictaphone looks like it could be a worthwhile investment though stubby external microphones appear reasonable to connect too. the job centre don't like people signing off after being referred to providers for other benefit,but if the provider thinks there is little chance of finding work its beginning to feel like they want rid.they have the payment so no skin off their nose.
  9. it does not matter,they shouldn't be adding more pressure. the rules for esa are different then jsa and " Even though your on ESA you will be treated as if your on JSA " isn't specifically true.it may well be they are financially motivated to get results,however this doesnt mean that that it benefits the person and has the potential to backfire if mishandled of course this will result in only one being effected. organisations like A4e have access to no more opportunities that cannot be seen by anyone in front of a pc with internet.they have no medical knowledge and in some case
  10. the job centre will tell you complain to the provider even though they are contracted to them,the official way to complain is to write to the provider through internal channels then wait eight weeks if you haven't heard then contact the independent case examiner. http://www.ind-case-exam.org.uk/ you should have been issued with paperwork before attending at the job centre and esa complaints may be differently handled then to jsa.
  11. are you sure they are aware of your disabilities,when i attended the shaw trust they sent me to learn direct and i have learning difficulties this can arise when there is a misunderstanding to disability. A4e are all to aware of the equality act,they should not be pressurising you into anything.if you are in the support group your benefit is made up of components,only your work component could be affected however they cannot force you to apply for jobs,again given the problems that appear to have been happening at some sites the staff may need to be better informed of their position and n
  12. i notice its posted may 11 is this still current?.
  13. two advisor's tried to remove my distance from home that was made under the reasonable adjustments requirements.previously as the jobseekers act states this was wrong on their part. its important not to let people make up their own laws/rules as they see personally for the above reasons.
  14. what your saying is becoming more common,to restrictive exe this usually arises at the point of signing where there is a issue with the jobs available on the system its someone's point of view not requirements.however it must reflect your abilities and reasonable travelling distance the agreement need to be 39 hours only if left blank this exposes you to shift work. you should have stood firm on your requirements and abilities,the travel time is one hour from your door those without their own transport are held back one hours travelling time isn't far.you may wish to refer here. http
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