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  1. Thanks to every one, we are waiting for the reply..
  2. Thank you Wriggler7. We still were looking for options. But this forum is really helpful for the people who sincerely looking for solutions to their problems Great Service
  3. I got a last reply : I think that this one needs a 'Tfl/London Bus' expert. I never get involved with cases west of the M25, so I have no expertise in dealing with 'Tfl'. I have a vague thought that some of their matters are passed to 'CPS' (Crown Prosecution Service). So I thought this form may have some one with Tfl/London Bus' expert. Nothing else friend..I am looking for a appropriate reply, I have to send my comments asap.
  4. After my wife got in to trouble with oyster, I got this forum by luck. My wife found a lost blue oyster at a super store. So she just kept it in her hand bag and used it on buses for three days. On that third day she was caught by Revenue inspector and told that it is an income support oyster that my wife didn't notice when she used it. Inspector collected wife's name and address and issued a RTM ticket for her to continue the journey. My wife didn’t sign on anything. Now after 5 days, we got a letter from TFL requesting the comments before their legal procedures. We confirm
  5. She was not CAUTIONED and She didn't signed any statement/paper, didn't shown any ID proof and she has benn issued RTM ticket for her further Journey.
  6. 'on 27th may ..............................Yoy were reported to TFL for failing the produce a valid TICKET, PASS or OYSTERCARD for your journey. The fact of this incident are being considered ans I must advise you that legal proceedings may be taken against you in accordance with TFL's Prosecution plocy. If you have any comments to make about this insident please write them on the reverse side....................................... Should your pass have been withdrawn because you were unable to produce a valid photocard to acompany it, please enclose a photcopy of that photocard with
  7. Thanks HB It is saying that @failing to produce a Valid ticket, Pass or Oyster for your journey' She checked in the local shop only, and, unfourtnately she put into her hand bag. Rgds
  8. After my wife got in to trouble with oyster, I got this forum by luck. My wife found a lost blue oyster at a super store. She checked the oyster after two days and confirmed that it was not a travel card and was not cancelled, so she thought (Oyster PAYG cards are fully transferable just so long as there is no ticket loaded onto the Oyster card like a Travel card (for the zones in which the person is traveling) which has a non-transferable status. If the card is purely loaded with funds for PAYG travel it matters not who it is registered to.) (I took from this form) So she just kept
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