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  1. There will be a lot of people jumping on this thread, as it looks like that we've been down this road previously, i.e FCO & TPDO, so you can expect a lot of sound assitance from our learned caggers who know a lot about these people and thier antics. The amount secured against the FCO is a total joke for such a small amount, and goes against all the principles which have been spoken about by our new government. I think that the Rt Hon PM was saying something about that he considered that FCO's shouldnt be used for securing previously unsecured consumer debt for less than £25k.
  2. Hi SH thanks for your PM. You are not in fact a million miles from me geographically. Have you got a brief working on this for you ? A few basic questions to get this ball rolling along : Who do they allege that your account was sold to and when ? (This is the first important factor) Did you ever receive claim from from Court, and if not what were the circumstances that led to them entering Judgment by Default (presumably) ? What documentation (if any) regarding the alleged assignment have they given you to date ?
  3. ....and we all know about how to deal with these issues. Be good if should it turn out to be an iffy HFOCL Ireland assignment ?? So wheres SH gone then. One post and hes gone ?????
  4. SH, Ive asked the site team to start new thread for you on this HFO topic.
  5. SH, youll have to ask the site team to start a new thread as youve posted on someone elses, or start a new thread for your case.
  6. ..............and Nathan is now on it with Jonathan Woolf and Tara Nathan. All the rest seem to have jumped ship !!
  7. No, I know it dosent help, I just pointed it out to show the relevance and history of the NOA's from them. Clearly they produce them all ad-hoc.
  8. Have a look as this link which I came accross hfoservices.co/noa.html
  9. In view of the absence of records in these Monument cases, are BC sure that they actually sold it to Equidebt as opposed to them being just the collection agent. Around this time in 2006, which is when HFO Services Ltd commenced active trading, we believe that all these Monument accounts were sold to HFOCL-Caymans. If you get it in writing from BC to this effect, i.e. Equidebt BOUGHT it, then that is half the problem sorted. HFO Services Limited will have to show how they came to buy it. Clearly another c*** up by someone in BC or HFO !!
  10. Are BC sending you written confirmation of this ?
  11. This is good, cos it means that in this case they cannot use thier smokescreen of so called "ltigation agreement" dated 2nd Jan 2006 to claim that it was sold to HFOCL-Caymans and then to HFOSL.
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