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  1. just thought it was a little fishy just having the details on the website when everyone trying to set up standing orders and they say no, ok thankyou
  2. hi guys, thankyou for your help, set up standing orders with wonga, wageday, tower capital, payed mini credit off woho, quickquid have set up payment plan but want my bank details or said i can pay with paypal you think this is safe? cash genie said can pay £20 a month till they come up with payment plan but once again they want bank details, but on cash genies website they have their bank details you think it safe to use them to set up standing order. payday express asked for bank statements and wageslips which i sent off, they just keep ringing work and hanging up and sending the same
  3. trying to set up payment plan with cash genie no luck, they said wanted my bank details to pay £20 a month to it sorted, dont think so, but on thcash genies website there is bank details for them can i set up a standing order using them is it safe. thankyou
  4. hi everyone just want to say first gkad came across this website, makes me feel better not the only one, i have 6 payday loans wageday £600 quickquid £650 mini credit £170 tower capital £175 wonga £950 payday express £200 did have one with cash genie paid that off this month, work full time basic wage, just started new part time job to to help pay with bills. need advice how to go about asking for payment plans, rolled them over again this month, but that it now no more, been doin it for 2years thankyou
  5. hi am new to all this, find it all good advice,feel better that am not the only one in the boat, i have 8 payday loans, work full time on basic wage, just started another job cleaning in the mornings to help pay bills, rolled over my loans again this, apart from wonga was due in full over £900, emailed loads of email address what i got off this website, and luckly one got back to me, extending my loan to next month no intrest added, goin to contact everyone off them this month to offer payment plan
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