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  1. Thank you both for your replies. You are right, it isnt exactly what i wanted to hear. We made an agreement to pay half of the outstanding balance each and ive almsot paid my half and do not intend to pay more than my half of the arrears Can I take this to court and show that i have paid half and there is 2 names on the council tax bill? The other person is contactable but i dont see why i should be left with this on my own. Thanks
  2. Good afternoon, Whilst sharing a property we came into council tax arrears over a few years which resulted in a bill for a few thousand pounds. Documents were served to myself and the other person from sheriffs officers. Myself and the other party no longer live at the address where the arrears took place but we both agreed to pay half each of the arrears. My half is almost paid but the other party is now refusing to pay their half. As the arrears is in both our names, my question is where do i stand once i pay half of the arrears and then stop paying. I am going to inform the sheriff officers my intentions when my half has been paid but looking for some advice of what will happen next. Thanks
  3. Any ideas if its worth defending or not? Thanks BK
  4. No, they refused my offer and that is why I'm being taken to court. I have the email they sent me refusing my offer of what I borrowed and one months interest. They are looking for much more, interest, charges etc and I refused to pay that.
  5. When I was in a position to pay I was only willing to pay what I borrowed plus one months interest. They refused this and I just stuck to my guns on the matter.[ATTACH=CONFIG]40545[/ATTACH]
  6. Hi, no the summons isnt for a court in England, its north of the border. BK
  7. Good afternoon, thanks for replying It a copy of the small claims court summons with myself as the Defender and the name of the pursuers solicitors and details of the hearing date at the bottom. Thanks, BK
  8. Good morning, I have been taken to court by a Payday Lender and I have been given a court date of when the case is. I lost my job a few years ago and could not afford to pay back the loan of £150. I made them aware that I had lost my job and wasnt in a position to pay back in the mean time. After gaining full time employment I told the lender I was willing to pay back what I owe plus 1 months interest and no more. They refused this offer and I have an email with them refusing this and are now claiming i pay on the summons £500+ I want to defend this in court. Im a bit apprehensive about naming the lender as im sure they read this forum and dont want to give them any sort of edge if they know im looking for help. Any thoughts on what my chances would be defending this? Many thanks, BK
  9. I had an unsecured loan with Welcome for £2000 which I took out on July 2007. I was paying £214 a month with PPI included with this payment for 18 months before I defaulted and it was passed onto Muck Hall who Ive been in dispute with over how much i have to pay. If i put in a claim with FSCS will Welcome start pursuing me for the debt? I have moved address since the loan was taken out. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Has anyone ever been taken to court by FLM and if so what was the outcome?
  11. Thats a pity as it leaves you open to abuse like you say from people like this having your personal information so easily accessable. There are proper channels you should follow to make the correct complaints regarding Microlend and the abuse that you recieved. He will be regulated like every other loan company and you should complain to The Financial Ombudsman over his conduct.
  12. Why is your work details so easily accessable on Google if you dont mind me asking?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if this company chases debts for any Payday Loan companies? Thanks, BK
  14. Hi, RBS are probably the best bank with regards to fraud prevention. When you report a card lost or stolen all unauthorised transactions from your debit cad will be stopped or blocked. If you have a direct debit set up with a payday loan company you can cancel this with online banking, on the phone or in the bank. Some payday loan companies will still try and use the direct debit that was originally set up but will try a different set amount from the one that was originally agreed just to see if they can get their hands on your money. If this does happen phone RBS direct and they will see that you have cancelled the direct debit already and recall whatever amount has been taken and it will be back in your account the next day.
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