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  1. Hi, My girlfriend and I were driving in East London a couple of days back when a crazy hail/rain storm passed over, like Biblical crazy. The visibility dropped to about 5m as the rain and hail lashed down. My girlfriend pulled over to the side/curb of the road (the bus lane) as it was unsafe to continue travelling, after about 30seconds the storm had passed and visibility returned and she continued her journey. She got a PCN through that shows a picture of her in the bus lane. The picture shows the rain the puddles look like there are boiling. It also shows another ca
  2. This is the response i got from the DfT - does this mean the suspension signs are illegal and should not be used? I can confirm that we have received an application from the London Borough of Hackney for the sign that you are enquiring about but an authorisation has not yet been issued. With regards to your request to see a copy of the Traffic Order, you will need to obtain this from the authority; we do not receive copies of these documents. Thanks in advance for you help Bogs! Hopefully i can help someone else in the future......
  3. Thanks Bogs Im trying to get the info from the DfT regarding the suspension signs that Hackney council have applied to use. You wouldnt happen to know the best email to contact them on, there doesnt seem to be a department for "another council makes a rubbish suspension sign" Cheers
  4. Can somebody tell me the minimum letter dimensions for temporary signs relating to suspended resident parking bays. Surely a rubbish print out on a piece of white A4 in about 12pt font, poorly illuminated is not adequate. Regards PC
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