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  1. Thanks Sam. I had to take Yesterday off work to get the clutch repaired, and its gone over into today too, so ive had to take 2 days off. Can i add this to the court claim? Thanks
  2. Thats what ive put in MCOL... Is that what i need or something else? Cheers
  3. Thanks Sam, DO i claim interest from the day i purchased the car? Also, is it relevant weather ive had the work done or not yet? Thanks
  4. Ive had no reply now.. Is my next step to do MCOL? Thanks
  5. Dont have access to a scanner at the moment, but when i can i will!
  6. registered seller, paid in cash. Will get next letter sent out. Thanks
  7. Ok. I stated 7 on the letter, but will give them a little longer!
  8. Right, As i suspected, they havent responded. What is my next step? I need the car for work, its going to need repairing soon, but ideally want the garage to fund this!
  9. No, Was purchased on 24/03/13 - What difference does this make? The garage would have been closed for starters, and also the fact it was advertised as sold as seen..... And no its a ford, mondeo ST. Thats just frauds pricing i guess, but apparently the subframe/gearbox has to be dropped down so its a labour intensive job... Whats my next step with this then? Are there any template letters available?
  10. Thankyou. Do you have or know there whereabouts of a template letter i can use as a starting point?
  11. Hi All I traveled down to london to pick up a car, got it for a really good price. Sold by a dealer on ebay as "Sold as seen" ( i understand this has no legal bearing) Now on my journey on the way home i noticed the clutch slipping, this seems to be getting slightly worse! I had a quote from ford for £950+ And a reasonable on from a local garage for £250 labour (if i supply parts) Now, my question is, how do i go about contacting the dealer to try and recover some of these costs? There was mention on the advert of 2 defects with the car (easily solved ones), however no mention of this! Is there a template letter i can send to them maybe? Thanks
  12. Whilst working in darlington i recieved a FPN for littering Whilst i did drop a cigarette on the floor, i believe i was on private property whilst doing it. I have 2 days to appeal it, otherwise it goes up by £25 Now looking at the letter, they have spelt my surname incorrectly. Does this give me more grounds to appeal? Thanks
  13. Hi All, Wondering if you can help me. I recently purchased an outdoor table at Asda, After spending £125 on this outdoor table, it wouldn't fit in my car in the box, so the asda staff kindly took it out of the box and put it in my car. Getting rid of the box, and apparently the instructions with it too. A few weeks after setting the table up outside, it rained for the first time, and the "outdoor" table started to rust on top where the metal mesh is, im not sure why as its all painted and sealed, but it has! After seeing this, i emailed asda via their website and advised of the above. They suggested a couple of things such as, i should have kept the box ( despite the fact that it wouldn't fit in my car!) And that after keeping the box, i should store it suitably, in the cardboard box (which would involve taking the table and chairs down (took at least 2 hours to put it up properly) and then put it back up when its stopped raining. Their main defense was that on the box it has a warning stating that it should be suitably covered/protected. I argued that an outdoor table shouldn't go rusty when left outdoors I advised them that i didn't have the box and therefore could not see the warning on this box. Again they advised that there was nothing else they could do, due to this warning. I have emailed at least 4 times, asking to speak to a manager, and still get the same response. So im here, asking for what the next steps i can take are? Is there some ombudsman for the supermarkets that i can compain to? Also i paid for this on a visa debit card, i understand that offers some protection with chargebacks for faulty goods? Anyone help me Cheers
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